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[Sell]: Live Camera Sale - Spruce Wall Paneling, Siding from Russia
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall & Ceiling Paneling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine grai ...
From: Russia (8/13/2019)
[Sell]: Teak Wood.
We are dialougTrade Company base in Ukraine-Kiev. We have Teak wood available in good shapes,very tough and affordable.If interested please feel ...
From: Ukraine (8/13/2019)
[Sell]: Wood Pellet
We are DialougTrade company from Ukraine. Quality wood pellets from oak, spruce , pine and beech woods Specification High quality wood ...
From: Ukraine (8/13/2019)
[Sell]: Oak logs
We provide 1500m3 white oak logs per month WeChat: Biokorp office@biokorp.rs.. ...
From: Serbia (8/13/2019)
[Sell]: Ash Logs
we provide white ash logs 1000m3 per month. WeChat: Biokorp office@biokorp.rs.. ...
From: Serbia (8/13/2019)
[Sell]: Spruce logs
Hello, If you are still looking for spruce logs, please let me know. Thenaks in advance Regards.. ...
From: Belgium (8/12/2019)
[Sell]: Teak Wood
We are dialougtrade company base in Ukraine. We have Teak wood in good qualities and very affordable. Contact us via email at dialougtrade12 ...
From: Ukraine (8/12/2019)
[Sell]: Birch surfaced S4S (PAR) strips for furniture framing
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Strips; Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: Western Russia; Moisture Con ...
From: Russia (8/12/2019)
[Sell]: Spruce (Whitewood) and Pine (Redwood) KD Lumber from Russia
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Spruce (Whitewood), Pine (Redwood); Moisture Content: KD2 ...
From: Russia (8/8/2019)
[Sell]: Birch Plywood
We have Good,quality and hard board Birch plywood available. we wood is coming from Ukraine. If interested contact us via email and whats-ap ...
From: Ukraine (8/8/2019)
[Sell]: Firewood
We are Dialougtrade Company from Ukraine. We have good quality and affordable firewood very durable. Please if interested do well to contac ...
From: Ukraine (8/8/2019)
[Sell]: Live Camera Sale - Spruce& Pine Wall Panelingfrom Russia
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall & Ceiling Paneling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine grai ...
From: Russia (8/7/2019)
[Sell]: Poplar timber (I214)
We have for sale poplar (Ι214) timber .  Thickness: 50-60-70-80-100 mm.  Width 80-500 mm Length: 2000-3500 mm . For other dim ...
From: Greece (8/7/2019)
[Sell]: Pine/Spruce
We are into Pine/Spruce export for the past 5 years. We export different sizes as per the buyers choice with KD and also AD with fumigation. ...
From: Romania (8/6/2019)
[Sell]: Spruce (Whitewood), KD, AB grade, 22/30/44X100X3000mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Volume: 200 m/3; Species: Spruce (Whitewood); Origin: North-W ...
From: Russia (8/6/2019)
[Sell]: White Oak blocs/beams
We export from France White oak blocs/beams, strating next September. Fresh wood, ABC grade, wax on ends. 2000*235*180+ mm We export in ...
From: France (8/5/2019)
[Sell]: White Oak logs for sale
We export white oak logs from France, starting next September. Lenght from 4 to 12 meters, diameters 38 cm + Fresh cut. Please contact ...
From: France (8/5/2019)
[Sell]: Japanese cedar
We are a warehousing and trading company. We sell grade 1 pine from Sweden. We also have a closeout on a container load of Japanese cedar. ...
From: Sweden (8/5/2019)
[Sell]: Birch Red Heartwood lumber for Rustic look furniture
Product: Planks (boards) Species: Birch Origin: Russia Region: North-West Volume: 30-500 m/3 per month Thickness: 25-50 mm&nb ...
From: Russia (8/4/2019)
From: Russia (8/3/2019)
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