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[Buy]: Wood mouldings
We are searching for wood mouldings manufacture in Indonesia to be exported to our companies in USA, UK, and Australia. Our montly purchase is 15-18 x ...
From: United States (6/20/2019)
[Buy]: Railway sleeper
Looking to buy railway sleepers for a project... ...
From: United States (6/18/2019)
[Buy]: Cedar lumber
Hi. I just need some cedar to finish off a railing. I need the following: 2X4 rough-quantity-2@6' 2@8' 2@10' 2@12' 1X4 planed-for hand raili ...
From: Canada (6/18/2019)
[Buy]: loose balsa blocks
I am looking for loose balsa blocks, please provide pricing for a 20 ft container.. ...
From: Canada (6/17/2019)
[Buy]: Teak garden furniture
Hello we are interested in teak garden furniture. Please send me more information of your products. We are located in USA. Thanks .. ...
From: United States (6/17/2019)
[Buy]: Turkish Boxwood logs
I would like to purchase four or five boxwood 1/2 logs about 1 meter in length and 15-20 cm diameter. Can you provide these? Billets would be fine ...
From: United States (6/17/2019)
[Buy]: Ipe wood
I need Ipe lumber 600 x 600... ...
From: United States (6/14/2019)
[Buy]: Cedar wood posts
Hello:  We are an awards and signage company and I am looking for someone in state to be a possible supplier of our wood products. We do however ...
From: United States (6/13/2019)
[Buy]: Norway Spruce and Red pine
I’m in charged of importing leather,Alcantara,solar panels into the United States. Now I’m interested in importing 5 different types softwood lum ...
From: United States (6/12/2019)
[Buy]: Wood poles
We are a lighting design firm, currently working on Tulsa Flume project. We are requesting DN Costing for some wood poles . Can you reply to us so tha ...
From: United States (6/12/2019)
[Buy]: Guitars
Hello, I need a good manufacturer for a line of guitars manufactured for a small brand.  Thank You! .. ...
From: United States (6/11/2019)
[Buy]: LVL&HPL plywood
We need some LVL and HPL plywood for US market.  LVL for strips,22mm thick x 33mm x 2440mm;22mm x 46mm x 2440mm  hardwood core,Phe ...
From: United States (6/10/2019)
From: Mexico (6/5/2019)
[Buy]: Violin tonewood
I'm trying to find a company to buy good quality wood for violin making. If you sell tonewood for violins, please contact me. Thanks. .. ...
From: United States (6/5/2019)
[Buy]: Ash and maple baseball bats
I am looking to purchase a few ash and maple baseball bats for my summer league team. .. ...
From: United States (6/4/2019)
[Buy]: Natural cork
Our company need natural cork. Eau: 1000m2 Width: 1.60m 1.70m . Im in charge of new projects depelopment at Rogers Foam Mexico.   Than ...
From: Mexico (5/31/2019)
[Buy]: Spruce lumber
Please quote for a large timber order if you cut 12"x12" Spruce. If interest, I could send your the details... ...
From: Canada (5/29/2019)
[Buy]: Eco Forest Flooring
I search the manufacturer of eco forest flooring. Please confirmif you can supply the products... ...
From: United States (5/28/2019)
[Buy]: Hardwood Handle Blanks
We are looking for a vendor to supply Hardwood Handle Blanks. KD, Clear Hardwood, Rough Doweled, All Solid, PET, MC 6-8%. All diameters 41.3mm round ...
From: United States (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus or Pine wood for furniture
We are looking for sawn wood in Eucalyptus or Pine wood in the below sizes. They will be used for sofa wooden frames  We are a furniture imp ...
From: United States (5/24/2019)
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