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[Buy]: Plywood and flooring,kitchen Cabinets
We would like to import containers of construction plywood, hardwood flooring and kitchen cabinets for USA market ... ...
From: United States (8/27/2018)
[Buy]: TV Stands
I am looking for furniture of TV stands for USA and Canada market . Please advise all your TV stands offers for 1K test order. .. ...
From: United States (8/24/2018)
[Buy]: OSB
Our company is a Commodity - Procurement firm and Wood & Wood Products represent a major business line of ours. Currently, we have an inquiry fro ...
From: United States (8/22/2018)
[Buy]: Oak sawn timber, oak beam
I need oak sawn timber, oak beam prices for: 1x12" x8' oak 3x12" x8' oak  .. ...
From: United States (8/21/2018)
[Buy]: Beechwood
Looking for large quantity of beechwood.  Quantities and target prices below. Prices below are for Class A. We need Class A and Class B. Ple ...
From: United States (8/20/2018)
[Buy]: IPE - Sustainable wood
We are building a LEED home and all wood must be sourced from sustainable forests, especially tropical woods. Can you please confirm if the forests yo ...
From: Canada (8/18/2018)
[Buy]: Solid wood floor
I am looking for a supplier of exotic solid wood floor and multi layer engineered wood floor. Do you have above flooring in stock, please contact me. ...
From: United States (8/15/2018)
[Buy]: Wooden toys
Hi, we are looking for wooden toy manufacturer. We have a certain design we want to be made. Would you be interested. if yes, please contact me for de ...
From: United States (8/14/2018)
[Buy]: Circular prefab house of bamboo , purple or greenheart woo
 I am interested in finding out if you supply circular houses made of either bamboo, purpleheart or greenheart. I am located in St Kitts & N ...
From: United States (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: Acoya Wood
We are a wooden furniture company located in Mexico City and want to locate a supplier of Accoya Wood in potentially large quantities.   For ...
From: Mexico (8/11/2018)
[Buy]: Red Oak wood, Southern yellow pine and ash wood
Just wanted to know if you can supply Red Oak wood, Southern yellow pine and ash wood? .. ...
From: Canada (8/10/2018)
[Buy]: Boxes
Need boxes made on a regular bases need your prices lose for Cedar boxes NOT PLY WOOD could you give me reply today .. ...
From: United States (8/9/2018)
[Buy]: Red western cedar
Our company is looking for a small quantity of 2,000ft of red western cedar and we want to know if you could attend our case and see the possibility o ...
From: Mexico (8/8/2018)
[Buy]: Beechwood
Our company is looking for a manufacturer of beechwood for our production. We are seeking fresh beechwood, oven dried, and a maximum of 8% humidity. I ...
From: United States (8/3/2018)
[Buy]: Ash log
I am inquiring about your companies availability of White Ash logs for purchase. I currently have a client who has requested 2000 - 3000 cubic meters ...
From: United States (8/1/2018)
[Buy]: CDRSO
From: United States (7/31/2018)
[Buy]: Pine lumber
We are looking for supplier of pine lumber (elliotis,taeda) mesasures  thckness 16mm width 85mm,100mm,125mm,145mm,195mm lenght 24 ...
From: Mexico (7/31/2018)
[Buy]: Ash wood logs 4sc
Please Provide me a good quote of ash wood logs 4sc and 3sc veneer grade. .. ...
From: United States (7/29/2018)
[Buy]: Wood beams
6X6 Beams in 10??8 14??4 16??6    I could entertain just 14 of the 16?beams and 4 of the 14?if it would be easie ...
From: Canada (7/28/2018)
[Buy]: Reject grade and downfall OSB
I am interested in purchasing reject grade or downfall OSB. We make pallets and crates.  Thanks. .. ...
From: United States (7/27/2018)
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