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[Buy]: Gmelina flitches
Looking for suppliers of gmelina or mahogany flitches.Please advise your price. Thanks ...
From: Singapore (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Sunflower oil
Please quote the best price and availability for 40 feet container refined sunflower oil.  I am from Kerala, India. Now I am in Saudi Arabia. My WhatsApp...
From: India (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Dovista Tender RFI - Window Scantlings
 We are currently looking for new suppliers and are really interested to get in touch with your company about our Wood Scantings tender.   Who is the...
From: Poland (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Door Skins
We are a woodworking company looking to import luan and moulded primed DOOR SKINS to our factory in Egypt. Please email us a catalogue. Thank you.  ...
From: United States (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Decking and sawn timber from Brazil
Hello We are a French Timber importing Cooperative.  Can you offer hardwood decking and sawn timber Ipe,Cumaru,Itauva, Tatajuba, Muiracatiara etc, fro...
From: France (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Bamboo pole
Pleas send to me offer price for one contnier 21  bamboo pole 1" - 2" - 3" cif alexandria port in egypt thank you ...
From: Egypt (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Solid wood briquett
 We are a hungarian Building Material Trade company. Currently I am looking for new briquett supplier (solid wood). May I have a pricelist for you available pr...
From: Hungary (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Oak logs
Our factory making oak flooring.We focus in Oak logs & flooring business for 4years. Because of shortage of oak logs, we'd like to ask you a favor if we ca...
From: China (11/2/2021)
[Buy]: Drawer slide quotes
I need drawer slide quotes. Please kindly reach me at email....
From: United States (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: Mangrove Wood Charcoal, Firewood
We are interested in product of Mangrove Wood Charcoal / Firewood, kindly let us have your prices list on specifications based on CIF/FOB to Cotonou International S...
From: Benin (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: Formica sheets
Dear Sir,  Good Day    We are a Saudi based company and are interested in your product of formica sheets. Can you kindly send us details about the Fo...
From: Saudi Arabia (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: 4/4 Aromatic Cedar
I am looking for the following : 6,000' up to full t/l of  4/4 Aromatic Cedar 1 Com/Btr KD If possible 5''+ Please advise if available and price...
From: Canada (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: Red oak and walnut veneer
We are looking for red oak and walnut veneer One container 40 hq monthly Our distention port is HAIFA ISRAEL Pleas inform me if you have...
From: Israel (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: Timber Frame Kiln Pavillion
Please give me price for Doug Fir or otherwise lowest price wood, rough cut, true dimension.  Pieces Size Length 3 6x8 14' 2 6x8 12' 5 6x6 8...
From: United States (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: Spruce & Pine for construction purposes
Our clients are looking to import timber into Australia for construction purposes. Australian standards are MGP (10 and 12) rated which are different to Europea...
From: Australia (11/1/2021)
[Buy]: Untreated Oak switch ties
We have an inquiry for untreated oak switch ties, please contact me in order to send the ties length list. Cross section: 26 cmx 16 cm Variance is +...
From: Egypt (10/31/2021)
[Buy]: Oak wood standard boards
Dear Sir/Madame,  We are looking for a producer who can produce standard oak boards for us. We are selling this in the thicknesses: 20mm-25mm-30mm-40...
From: Netherlands (10/31/2021)
[Buy]: Vitex
Hi. Interested in Vitex for australia market. Can we discuss. Thanks...
From: Australia (10/31/2021)
[Buy]: Red river gum
I would like to buy 100mm x 100mm x 2m and 50mm x 200mm x 3.6m. I would need 40 of each. Thank you.  ...
From: South Africa (10/29/2021)
[Buy]: European Beech, Birch, Red Pine and Spruce
Our company has over 40 years'experience in forest industry.  Our warehouse is located in central region of Taiwan, mainly sold lumbers, veneers, logs and plywo...
From: Taiwan (10/29/2021)
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