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[Buy]: Importing plywood into Ireland
Can I speak with someone regarding grades of WBP glue plywood , and Marine Plywood and Pine plywood for export to Ireland? I wanted to find out species, glue ty...
From: United Kingdom (4/16/2024)
[Buy]: LVL bar
We have requirement for LVL bar - 35 x 35 x 2400 mm...
From: India (4/16/2024)
[Buy]: kd spruce
25mm x 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm x 2,100mm & longer cif incheon, korea by lc payment.....
From: Korea, South (4/15/2024)
[Buy]: Flooring
Looking for oak timber flooring....
From: Australia (4/15/2024)
[Buy]: sapeli and sipo timber
From: United Arab Emirates (4/15/2024)
[Buy]: Counter Tops
I wanted Counter Tops in Purple Heart or Cocobolo... Good to hear from you !...
From: United States (4/14/2024)
[Buy]: Buying a pine wood in large amount
Hello there, we are visiting savannah for one wood exporting to India. I would to meet in person on Monday or Tuesday anytime, kindly please let me know....
From: United States (4/14/2024)
[Buy]: Wheat straw toilet paper
Hello, We are interested in toilet paper made from straw fiber pulp. Please quote, 200 sheets 3ply, 6 rolls per pack. 6packs per master carton. Paper USA&nbs...
From: United States (4/14/2024)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus logs or core veneer
We are looking for large volume suppliers logs and veneer from Aurgentiana...
From: India (4/13/2024)
[Buy]: Particle boards 18mm
I am writing to inquire about the availability and pricing of 18mm particle boards from your company. We are currently in need of a substantial quantity of 18mm...
From: United Kingdom (4/13/2024)
[Buy]: Pine lumber
Interested to buy taeda pine lumber...
From: Philippines (4/13/2024)
[Buy]: Guitars
Hello. I am interested in the costs involved for a run of guitars (100 - 200) shipped in a container to Australia. I am looking at becoming a wholesaler for a brand...
From: Australia (4/12/2024)
[Buy]: MDF and OSB
Having buyer for MDF veneer oak, rustic oak, OSB 2 and OSB 3. Regards,...
From: India (4/12/2024)
[Buy]: Teak wood - old growth, quarter sawn
We are Custom Furniture manufacturer and looking for pricing on teak. Hoping to understand your full inventory and board foot pricing.   Ideal to be: old g...
From: United States (4/10/2024)
[Buy]: Alder Veneer
Looking for an international source of alder veneer....
From: United States (4/10/2024)
[Buy]: Plywood birch 12
We are a furniture company located in Portugal and we are looking for partners to supply us Plywood.  I kindly as your best price [€/m2] for a truck/MOQ...
From: Portugal (4/10/2024)
[Buy]: Melamine woodgrain
Melamine woodgrain color catalog.  We are a current customer. I have questions  Thank you...
From: United States (4/9/2024)
[Buy]: Poplar sawn timber
 I'm looking for Poplar, KD, Rough-sawn, 1st grade: - Quantity: 40-60 CBM per month - Spec: KD (8-12% moisture), rough sawn is OK, 1st grade - Di...
From: United Kingdom (4/9/2024)
[Buy]: african timber
we buy regular african timber can contact +97150####...
From: United Arab Emirates (4/9/2024)
[Buy]: chairs
Hello, We sell HORECA furniture in France and Europe. I would like to receive your catalog of bentwood chairs and price list please. Thanks...
From: France (4/9/2024)
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