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[Sell]: Euro EPAL stamped Wooden Pallet 1200x800
Euro EPAL stamped Wooden Pallet 1200x800 New EPAL Euro Pallets 145mm x 800mm x 1200mm Cheap New & Used.....
From: Germany (1/9/2024)
[Sell]: LVL - Laminated Veneer Lumber
Specification:  -Thickness: 11mm-100mm  -Width: 20mm-1220mm  -Length: 500mm-4000mm  -Glue: MR ??T2 E2/E1/E0 , T1 E2/E1/E0&nbs...
From: Vietnam (1/8/2024)
[Sell]: Film Faced Formwork Plywood for Middle East countries
Species: Birch (all plies through); Thickness (mm): 12, 18, 21; Formats (mm): 2440x1220, 2500x1250; Glue: WBP; Film: F/F or F/W (120, 240 gr/m2);...
From: Russia (1/8/2024)
From: United States (1/8/2024)
[Sell]: Poplar peeled veneer for plywood manufacturing
Volume: up to 1000 m/3 per month; Species: Poplar (Populus Tremula - Aspen); Grade: Mix (20%-AB, 80%-CD); Thickness (mm): 1,0-2,5; Format (mm): 2...
From: Russia (1/8/2024)
[Sell]: Sell Iroko round logs, Sapelli sawn timber, Tali sawn wood
We have Iroko round logs for export. Sapelli sawn timber ready for export and Tali sawn wood 100 m3......
From: Gabon (1/8/2024)
[Sell]: Tropical hardwood
All types of tropical hardwoods available for export including wamara,greenheart, ipe, purple heart etc. Email: capitalefi@gmail.com with enquiries.....
From: Guyana (1/7/2024)
[Sell]: Commercial Plywood/Calibrated Plywood
Specification: Commercial Plywood, AB, 8-18 mm + Face/Back: Bintangor/Okoume. + Core: Mixed local wood (Acacia, Eucalyptus, Ormosia and Styrax) + Size...
From: Vietnam (1/7/2024)
[Sell]: Solid and engineered French oak flooring
We are a Belgian factory ( parketfabriek remmery) that is specialized in the production of solid and engineered French oak flooring. Our family is in the wood i...
From: Belgium (1/7/2024)
[Sell]: For Sale: Unique Petrified Wood Furniture Collection
Embark on a journey back in time with our exclusive range of Petrified Wood Furniture. Each piece in this collection is a testament to nature's artistry, transformed...
From: Indonesia (1/6/2024)
[Sell]: Spruce, Pine Wall Paneling - thin thickness 5/16" (7,2mm)
Spruce, Pine T&G Wall Paneling 5/16x4" (7,2x89mm), KD14-16% is available. One face or two faces application. Fine grain, small knots wood from Northern Russia. Other...
From: Russia (1/6/2024)
[Sell]: High Density Moisture Resistant Wood Board(HDMR)
High-Density Moisture-Resistant (HDMR) board is a type of engineered wood product known for its exceptional resistance to moisture. It?? commonly used in application...
From: Malaysia (1/5/2024)
[Sell]: Melamine MDF Boards, thickness 2.5-18 mm
Linhai Xinhe Wood Co., Ltd, which is a professional manufacturer of Wood Products with over 16 years' experience. Our main products are Plywood, MDF, OSB, Block...
From: China (1/5/2024)
[Sell]: Leading Manufacturer of SPC, WPC,LVT Luxury Vinyl Floorins
aizhou Huali New Materials Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury vinyl plank and tile in China with 17 international certificates and four ma...
From: China (1/5/2024)
[Sell]: Softwood Kiln Dried lumber supply for export from Russia
Russian Lumber Co. is offering softwood kiln dried lumber:  Spruce (Whitewood): 22/47/75x100/125/150/175/200x3000-6000mm Pine (Redwood): 25/50/75x100/...
From: Russia (1/5/2024)
[Sell]: Film Faced Formwork Plywood for Turkey, Iraq, Syria, UAE
Species: Birch (all plies through); Thickness (mm): 12, 18, 21; Formats (mm): 2440x1220, 2500x1250; Glue: WBP; Film: F/F or F/W (120, 240 gr/m2);...
From: Russia (1/4/2024)
[Sell]: Japanese sugi (cedar)
We are looking for Japanese cedar(sugi) sawn timber. Grade: AA and AB  Japanese sugi (cedar) Size : 118*17.5*2400/3600  Please quote CN...
From: Taiwan (1/3/2024)
[Sell]: Petrified Wood Tile & Flooring
CV. Karya Bersama Petrified Wood is not just about petrified wood tiles & Flooring; it?? about a deeper connection to the earth?? narrative, a celebration of nature?...
From: Indonesia (1/3/2024)
[Sell]: looking for reliable buyer
We are looking for reliable buyer who are interested in our products the products are as follows  1) Vitex Decking(Pacjfic teak)   19x90x1800-4200mm...
From: Indonesia (1/3/2024)
[Sell]: Birch Peeled Veneer for Plywood production
Birch rotary cut veneer Thickness (mm): 0,9-1,5; Format (mm): 2600x1300 (long grain) and 1300x2600 (short grain), 1600x1600, 1300x1300;  More dat...
From: Russia (1/3/2024)
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