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[Buy]: Exterior plywood
We are a big producer of multilayer floors. We are looking for Exterior plywood, CP/C quality, and dimensions that we used the most are 6.5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 10mm. T...
From: Bosnia and Herzegovina (12/14/2022)
[Buy]: US red cedar logs
I am from a Chinese wooden company. We currently are looking for some US red cedar logs to import to China. I appreciate it if you can give me some further informati...
From: China (12/13/2022)
[Buy]: Timber Teak
Dear Sir, Kindly requested to quote us Timber Teak Section of the following sizes: 6"x6" 8"x8" 6"x8" 3"x8" 3"x6" Qty. 200M3 from...
From: Jordan (12/13/2022)
[Buy]: Wood chips needed for Biomass energy
We (sbentprs(a)gmail.com)have regular buyer's of wood chips for biomass energy in Indian market.  Volume: 40-50,000 MT/monthly.  Regards, &n...
From: India (12/13/2022)
[Buy]: KD Spruce/Pine for pallets
KD Spruce/Pine for pallets We need both thicknesses 15 and 16 no risk of mold the length can be variable 500+ m3/month Seeking long-term col...
From: Tunisia (12/13/2022)
[Buy]: Beech timber
We are buying unedge beech timber , Steam and Kiln Dry , A + B + C grades , for more details please contact us. ...
From: Romania (12/13/2022)
[Buy]: Drum debarker
Looking for a drum debarker for logs of min cap 300 T/day  - Type of production : Particle board 80 m3/d - Raw material : 100% Eucalyptus - min Capac...
From: Morocco (12/13/2022)
[Buy]: Square edged oak , fresh cut or KD.
We need oak strips for long time. 27(30)x80(80)x1000/1400/1500(+50)mm, A-grade, occasional small knots up to 8mm tolerated, basically no sapwood (small traces of sap...
From: Germany (12/13/2022)
[Buy]: Cork sawdust.
Good morning, sir. We are looking for a Chinese partner who can provide us with about 52 tons of cork sawdust. We'd like to know whether you can do this and under wh...
From: Belgium (12/12/2022)
[Buy]: Spruce and hemlock wood
Dear, We are looking for Spruce and hemlock wood with quantity of 20-30K cubic meters/month. Please send details to my email if you are able to provide. Thank you....
From: United States (12/12/2022)
[Buy]: Wallaba roofing shingles
Hello Sir, I'm interested in possibility of buying Shingles for a project in the Caribbean. Could you please provide an offer of about 2000 square feet?&nb...
From: Netherlands (12/12/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
We are interested in wood pellets. Only with ENPlus certificate. Best regards...
From: Austria (12/12/2022)
[Buy]: Pine wood
Good Evening, We are after 4 x 2 and 6 x 2 inches wood Kiln and Dried FSC approved for UK.    We are also looking to buy large quantities of softwood 100...
From: United Kingdom (12/12/2022)
[Buy]: Search logs in europe
Hi there ! We are looking for several species in forest logs in Europe: Oak dia 30 cm + , AB , ABC Spruce Dia 25 + , 40 cm + , AB , ABC Ash Dia 30 cm...
From: Congo (Brazzaville) (12/12/2022)
[Buy]: Bamboo sticks
Required bamboo stick for incense....
From: India (12/12/2022)
[Buy]: Laminated mdf shelves with CARB/ P-2 certified
We need laminated mdf shelves with the following specifications: = size: 462 mm * 462 mm * 15 mm thick = laminated top and bottom and all 4 edges = co...
From: United States (12/11/2022)
[Buy]: Beech wood
I am interested to import beech wood to iran from your country. If you produce this product please contact me on WhatsApp or weachat with this number. +98912463...
From: Iran (12/11/2022)
[Buy]: Guitar catalog
I would like to buy some guitars. Can I get a catalog?...
From: United States (12/9/2022)
[Buy]: Doors an cabinets for a US-based project
I am looking to source doors for a large condominium project in the US. We are also looking to source kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Please note that these doors nee...
From: United States (12/9/2022)
[Buy]: Regarding Chlorophora excelsa (African teak), pine timber,
I wanted some information regarding pine wood, african teak and eucalyptus timber, I would like to know what kind of qualities you deal in and their rates. Thank You...
From: India (12/9/2022)
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