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[Sell]: Finger Jointed Pine Boards For Sale
Hello, we have finger jointed boards made from pine wood for regular sale with dimensions upon your request. If you are interested, please contac...
From: Poland (3/3/2020)
[Sell]: Thermowood
We are exported thermowood- ash, aspen, pine, cedar, launch etc...
From: Russia (3/3/2020)
[Sell]: Roundwood and stake poles
Our company was founded in 1998 in Belarus. In order to expand its projects to European markets, the company started operating its business in Latvia,...
From: Latvia (3/2/2020)
I would like to introduce our company UAB Grindu centras. We produce highest quality single lane three layer oak parquet (180*1800/2000/2200*14). We u...
From: Lithuania (3/1/2020)
[Sell]: Birch S4S (PAR) strips 22/24x24/35/45/55/70/90 mm for Sofas
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Surfaced Strips; Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: Western Russia; Moi...
From: Russia (3/1/2020)
[Sell]: Oak planks and squares
Our company can supply oak planks and squares....
From: Lithuania (2/29/2020)
[Sell]: European hardwood lumber
For more than 40 years Unmuessig Timber GmbH has been supplying European hardwood lumber and logs to the woodworking industries, wholesalers and timbe...
From: Germany (2/29/2020)
[Sell]: Russian Birch Veneer, Face & Core, long grain 2600x1300mm
Product: Rotary Cut Veneer; Volume: up to 1000 m/3 per month; Species: Birch; Grade: Millrun (Mix); Thickness (mm): 0,3-2,0; ...
From: Russia (2/28/2020)
[Sell]: Pallet boards made from pine , I and II species
Hello, we have pallet boards for regular sale. Moisture content: 30%+. They are in dimensions 14-25mm x 72-120mm x 2100mm(max)(thickness x width...
From: Poland (2/27/2020)
[Sell]: Russian Birch lumber, KD8%, Select, 1 Com, 2A Com, 3A Com
Russian Lumber Co. is offering Birch lumber:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: North-...
From: Russia (2/27/2020)
We have available fresh cut Ash Logs, Birch Logs, Cherry Logs,Beech Logs, Eucalyptus Logs, Oak Logs, Pine Logs, Poplar Logs, Spruce Logs that are st...
From: Poland (2/26/2020)
[Sell]: Russian Birch Hardwood Frame Grade for Sofas & Cabinets
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Birch (Betula); Moisture Content: KD16% (or 8%); Gra...
From: Russia (2/26/2020)
[Sell]: EPAL pallets
 We are producers of EPAL pallets and collars for pallets.  Also we realize standard boards for epal, bars and many other dimensions fr...
From: Lithuania (2/25/2020)
[Sell]: Pine, Spruce Lumber from Russia. Distributors are welcomed.
Distributors for our brand "Russian Lumber" are welcomed. You purchase our lumber (min 500 m/3 per month) - we promote you through our marketing...
From: Russia (2/24/2020)
[Sell]: White oak block ABC grade
We supply White Oak blocks, ABC grade, fresh wood, from France. 1950*230*150+ mm Wax on ends, platic foil around the bundles if you need.&nb...
From: France (2/24/2020)
[Sell]: High Quality Ebony ( Black Ebony ) Wood Logs and Lumber/Saw
80cm diameter high quality wood logd ebony rosewood / tali logs Quick description    The product of Rosewood logs Green weight (kg...
From: Poland (2/24/2020)
[Sell]: Wood Logs Timber Logs Teak Wood / Oak Wood Logs
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality european logs like spruce,birch,beech and others and we are looking for buyers globally that are intereste...
From: Poland (2/24/2020)
[Sell]: Wenge / Sapelli / Bubinga / Tali / Iroko / Doussie / Mahoga
GREAT QUALITY IROKO, SAWN AND LOGS For sale Iroko , Tali , Padauk , Doussie , Bubinga , Ebony, Azobe, pachyloba  These woods are of Gra...
From: Poland (2/24/2020)
GRADE AA QUALITY AFRICAN TIMBER [ROUND & SAWN] We are ready and willing to supply the goods here known as (African LOG) in the quantity and for t...
From: Poland (2/24/2020)
[Sell]: TEAK WOOD logs available
Color: Natural Joint: Tongue & Groove Grade: AB Surface: UV lacquer/UV oiled (PPG brand), smooth/brushed ; End : micro bevel ...
From: Poland (2/24/2020)
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