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[Buy]: Timber for furniture
Hi  We are a furniture manufacturing company based in South Africa. We want to more about your business and we are looking for a sawmill tha...
From: South Africa (4/15/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood 1220mm*2440mmx18mm
Dear sir We are looking for plywoods for our buyer in North Africa. He need the below plywoods: HETRE or LATTE or CHENE .With thes dimension...
From: Togo (4/8/2020)
[Buy]: Railway Sleepers Ekki/azobe
We are looking for railway sleepers ekki/azobe, please contact us on the information bellow to discuss more: whatsapp:00212620604046   Waiting...
From: Egypt (4/3/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood and placage
Dear Sir  We are company based in morocco and we are so interesting to work with company and to send us your catalog and to the price and also ty...
From: Morocco (4/1/2020)
[Buy]: Super shorts of pine/spruce sawntimber
We are looking for super shorts of softwood (pine / spruce) which its length from 400 mm up to 900,its grade V/VI ..... If you have our request...
From: Egypt (3/31/2020)
[Buy]: Vinner plywood
Greetings, I am interested to know about the plywoods that you manufacture and the price at which you sell at like a container. For more communication...
From: Kenya (3/23/2020)
[Buy]: Crating timber
Please provide a price list on Crating timber? We buy a interlink load at a time. regards  .....
From: South Africa (3/22/2020)
[Buy]: Nkula / Mukula Wood/ Rosewood (Pterocarpus Tinctorius)
Hi,  Looking for Nkula / Mukula Wood/ Rosewood (Pterocarpus Tinctorius). Kindly advise if you can supply 5 20ft containers on a monthly bas...
From: Mozambique (3/16/2020)
[Buy]: Oak wooden floor
We actually need a solid wooden floor for forthcoming Project (parquets) and we would like you to quote on same too.    Description Unit...
From: Mauritius (3/11/2020)
[Buy]: Oak flooring
Looking for a supplier of oak flooring 90mm by 15/4mm by 530mm......
From: South Africa (3/9/2020)
[Buy]: Exotic woods
Hello I am looking for exotic woods for decking We are based on Casablanca Morocco. Thank you  .....
From: Morocco (3/6/2020)
[Buy]: Timber for furniture
We import timber and manufucturing wood products , if interest , please contact us....
From: Egypt (3/3/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood
Please try to send me your lowest FOB price for all regular size of plywood  The goods will be export to Togo West - Africa. Please try to...
From: Togo (2/26/2020)
[Buy]: Pallet wood
Good Day,  Please can you kindly assist us with pallet wood in the following sizes or nearest sizes - as we need to build crates for machine...
From: South Africa (2/25/2020)
[Buy]: Wood doors
Hello dear I want know the price export and the wood quality you have for  Door size  800/2100/35 1000/2100/35 1200/2100. Do...
From: Mauritania (2/22/2020)
[Buy]: Broom stick
I need wood broom stick I want to the natural Length 1.25 M and 10 cm, height 2.6 cm Wood camphor ......
From: Algeria (2/2/2020)
[Buy]: MR MDF melamine
Dear Sir, Please find below our requirement for the Solid White MR MDF listed below:  Series Description Size Quantity required 1 18mm...
From: Mauritius (1/30/2020)
[Buy]: Pine wood
I am looking for pine wood 2900*70*40, 2900*200*25, 2900*140*17.....
From: Mauritius (1/29/2020)
[Buy]: Treated poles inter alia
Pls send me current approx. prices of Zesco type treated poles -8m-9m-10m delivered to a Lusaka address -qty 20+ poles . Also grateful you...
From: Zambia (1/26/2020)
[Buy]: Leather flooring
 We are looking for real leather flooring for high end housing complex being constructed . We would like a catalogue ......
From: Kenya (1/6/2020)
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