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[Buy]: Order of DC Drive
Please we need drive for DC moto as following  HP 150  Amps 500 Voltage 250  Field Amps 10.7   NB only Drive needed Moto...
From: Ghana (1/24/2022)
[Buy]: Chip-wood machines
May I kindly request you to send me a complete list of machines with their specification and price to manufacture chip-wood! We plan to produce 4000 m...
From: Ethiopia (1/18/2022)
[Buy]: MDF
I wan to inquire about the availability of MDF Boards. Could you please send us more information and your detailed catalogue.  Expecting y...
From: South Africa (1/17/2022)
[Buy]: Spruce wood for construction
Dear Sir/Madam,   I would like to ask if can offer or know timber products of your area. I have more interest to export timber products( wood) f...
From: Somalia (12/30/2021)
[Buy]: Copaiba seeds
I have been reading about the copaiba tree and hope you can source seeds from Brazil. It would a great pleasure if you can help me with seeds I...
From: Ghana (12/29/2021)
[Buy]: Pine and spruce
I need your pine and spruce price lists....
From: Egypt (12/26/2021)
I have new order:  1/ short ipe decking 4E4 S4S with clips pre grooved ANTISLIP/combed , format with that clips on the ends (male-female) . ...
From: Morocco (12/25/2021)
[Buy]: MDF and Particleboard
We are looking for suppliers of MDF and Particleboard....
From: Togo (12/14/2021)
[Buy]: Oak and teak veneers
From: Mauritius (12/10/2021)
[Buy]: Red Gum Wood
We are interested in Red Gum Wood as pure as it is....
From: South Africa (12/9/2021)
[Buy]: Pine logs
Hello We are a wooden chalet manufacturing company in Algeria. I am interested in pine wood logs. Width 30cm a 60cm Length 3a6 ml Price in CFI or port...
From: Algeria (12/3/2021)
[Buy]: Garapa decking
WE ARE LOOKING FOR 19 X 90MM massaranduba decking S4S E4E profiles and Garapa decking....
From: South Africa (12/3/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
Need quotes for/4,1/2,and 1/8 ceiba plywoods...
From: Ghana (11/29/2021)
[Buy]: MDF
We want to import mdf boards....
From: Morocco (11/29/2021)
[Buy]: White wood or Red wood
I m looking to purchase wood for the purpose of manufacturing packaging so I need this specifications   Type of wood : White wood or Red wood &...
From: Egypt (11/26/2021)
[Buy]: Oak wood sleepers
First of all, please advise your input with regards to the supply of the below: 1. Wooden Sleepers (25x15x260 cm) a. QTY: 15,000.00 unit&nb...
From: Egypt (11/25/2021)
[Buy]: MDF and Particleboard
We are looking for MDF and Particleboard from european suppliers....
From: South Africa (11/24/2021)
[Buy]: Interior wall panel
Dear sir We are Egyptian company and we are interested to import interior wall panel for egypt market , please kindly send me your catalog and pr...
From: Egypt (11/16/2021)
[Buy]: MDF
Dear Sir/Madam,  I inquire about the availability of MDF boards and the possibility to supply in bulk.  Expecting your valuable reply a...
From: South Africa (11/16/2021)
[Buy]: Veneer machine spares
We have a veneer plant looking for the following spares ; 4 X CP DIGITAL OPERATOR SPEED 4 X ADJUSTMENT POTENTIO METER 6320012...
From: Zimbabwe (11/15/2021)
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