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[Buy]: Plywood BB GRADE
Good day, I am importer/exporter. I am looking for Plywood BB, OSB AND MDF to be exported to Mexico and Honduras. we need 20 containers/monthly  ...
From: Canada (9/23/2021)
[Buy]: MDF, Plywood
We are looking for Plywood and MDF supply....
From: United States (9/23/2021)
[Buy]: Pachote
I (tel:229 365 3018) am looking for a wood called "pachote"?? in Nicaraugua.. used outdoors, What is available in 8/4 long lengths? Use for bulkheads-...
From: United States (9/23/2021)
[Buy]: Cedar boards
Can I get a price on rough cut 1"x8" cedar boards...
From: Canada (9/22/2021)
[Buy]: Heksa Material
I need following: 12mm 4 x 8 Riga Heksa Plus Black 19mm 4 x 8 Riga Heksa Plus Black  And   12mm 4 x 8 SVEZA Titan&nbs...
From: United States (9/22/2021)
[Buy]: Teak wood boards
I am looking for 30 m3 of teak wood boards imported to USA ...
From: United States (9/19/2021)
[Buy]: Wood display mounts for door locks
We are a door lock distributor and looking for a supplier who can produce wood display mounts. Please reply and I can share with you more details and...
From: United States (9/16/2021)
[Buy]: SPF Lumber
Hello Sir Please advise the below Lumber requirement for Bangladesh. SPF Lumber S4S, KD/HT, Grade #3 & #4, Size: 19 x 286mm x 3.05m up..&nbs...
From: Canada (9/16/2021)
[Buy]: Heat Treating Wood chips
Hi there,  We run A BBQ Smoking Chip manufacturing company in Bolton ON, we buy our raw unpacked Smoking chips from a supplier in NY state,...
From: Canada (9/15/2021)
[Buy]: European Oak
We manufacture engineered flooring outside of Los Angeles, CA USA. in our 3200m2 building.  Currently we bring containers of 27mm x 200mm to 260m...
From: United States (9/14/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood Distribution Im Miami
I am interested to buy plywood boards from brazil, I want to buy your product in Miami...
From: United States (9/13/2021)
[Buy]: MDF
We are looking for a supplier of MDF in 19mm, 22mm. We would like to start with a container (20' or 40') Requesting Distribution in Ontario,...
From: Canada (9/12/2021)
[Buy]: Beveled cedar siding
I am looking for 12 pieces of bevelled cedar siding approximately 16 feet long....
From: Canada (9/9/2021)
[Buy]: High gloss uv mdf
I need 18mm 1220*2440 high gloss uv MDF export to Temaport in Ghana. Can I please know the price of your sheet and how many sheets are in 40HQ contai...
From: United States (9/8/2021)
[Buy]: OEM guitar manufacturing
Hello, I am interested in OEM production of a guitar and bass line of products. We are a high end guitar amplification company based out of Detr...
From: United States (9/2/2021)
[Buy]: Spruce and pine logs
Looking to buy spruce, pine etc. logs on regular basis to ship to india and pakistan please advise if you can help....
From: Canada (8/25/2021)
[Buy]: Acacia decking
I need order 10 containers this size lumber, Sizes: 20 mm x 100 mm x 2 meters and up.  please quote us for FOB and CIF prices...
From: United States (8/24/2021)
[Buy]: Plans for Japanese garden bench
I(phone: 267-446-8601) have been trying to purchase plans for a Japanese garden bench that you designed for Fine Woodworking magazine. I am unable to...
From: United States (8/22/2021)
[Buy]: MDF
I am looking to buy MDF: 4mm, 4.4mm 5.2mm in regular MDF 19mm and 0.812" thick HDF for kitchen door parts.   Please let me know i...
From: United States (8/21/2021)
[Buy]: Engineered(Reconstituted) wood veneer
I am looking for 30-50 sheets Vicwood EV black apricot #S. 10 of those sheets to be 122 in length. Is this something that you are able to help me wit...
From: United States (8/19/2021)
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