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[Sell]: SYP logs
We are SMF Holdings Inc with our own wood factory and forests in USA. Our main product is SYP logs, please contact with us if you have any requirement...
From: United States (7/21/2021)
[Sell]: Timber Logs
We specialize in very wide boards sawn from monster logs. Our logs come from the Appalachian heartland of the USA. We sell lumber, logs and flooring f...
From: United States (7/14/2021)
[Sell]: Materials Inc.
Besides recognized as a leading wholesale distributor of high quality wood veneers in the USA, Materials Inc. also offers a wide variety of wood surfa...
From: United States (5/1/2021)
[Sell]: Wood Looking Tiles
Wood Looking Tiles.....
From: United States (3/31/2021)
[Sell]: Hardwood premium firewood
Currently looking for year around wholesale buyers of premium hardwood firewood. Call or email me to discuss any orders.....
From: United States (3/13/2021)
[Sell]: Old Growth Western Red Cedar Beams
Clear old growth western red cedar 20' length (4x10's) and (2×12's) 5/4"sawn...  Stored lumberyard ~1910  Uses: Historic boat restorat...
From: United States (3/1/2021)
[Sell]: Tropical saw logs from Suriname
We have several species available year round such as Kabbes, Basralocus, ipe, Makagrin, Djindja udu, Witte Pinto Lokus, Kopi, Letterwood, purpleheart,...
From: United States (1/27/2021)
[Sell]: North america lumber
Specializing Heating and Air Conditioning service and installation. We expanded our business to lumber export business since 2018. Our yearly sales a...
From: Canada (12/21/2020)
[Sell]: Whole black walnut trees
Whole black walnut trees, whole really old cotton wood trees. Blackjack and Oak firewood...
From: United States (12/11/2020)
[Sell]: Amago Bitter Wood 6x6x26 blocks for sale
I’m currently in Panama to move a flight simulator for Copa Airline. I am looking for a buyer to purchase the hardwood blocks that we have no use fo...
From: United States (12/10/2020)
[Sell]: Whole trees and firewood
Black walnut trees, ancient cottonwood trees, Blackjack oak firewood, cedar wood chips .....
From: United States (12/10/2020)
[Sell]: Cedar tree
We have lots of Cedar tree approximately between 2000 to 3000 cedar tree more than 30 feet long 40 to 50 years old would like to sale it please contac...
From: Canada (11/15/2020)
[Sell]: Poplar 4/4 Fas lumber
We have a variety of things to sell. We have kiln drying capacity for anyone looking to do some drying as well as selling fj blanks. Something else we...
From: United States (11/3/2020)
[Sell]: Pterocarpus santalinis to United States Customers Only
Seeking United States Customers for Pterocarpus santalinus, also known as Red Sanders or Red Sandalwoood.  We have 500 logs to sell.  Deliv...
From: United States (10/23/2020)
[Sell]: Black Walnut logs
I have approximately 3000 board feet of black walnut. Maybe 1000 feet of veneer. I am located outside of Syracuse. Let me know if you are interested....
From: United States (9/29/2020)
[Sell]: Engelmann Spruce soundboards.
I'm From Music Spruce Canada in British Columbia. We are a wholesale manufacturer of Engelmann Spruce soundboards. We are interested in working...
From: Canada (9/25/2020)
Contact:edchristgen68walnutwoods(at)gmail(dot)com //Selling white ash, oak, walnut, cherry, SYP, EWP, pine,mapple, cedar, Suriname MKB, KAW......
From: United States (9/24/2020)
[Sell]: Bamboo poles
For sale bamboo poles from M?ico. We producer several species of bamboo. We have bamboo poles and other products derivatives of bamboo.....
From: Mexico (9/16/2020)
[Sell]: We sell American Ash , walnut, Oak, pine, spruce, birch lo
 Our company is based in the U.S and we sell Hard and soft wood at affordable prices contact us at: edchristgenwalnutwoods(at)gmail.com.....
From: United States (9/9/2020)
  Dear Sir/Madam.We are a timber trading company working directly with a producer timber company located in Brazil.We can supply worldwide:40000...
From: United States (8/31/2020)
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