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Posted Time:11/7/2018

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Subject: What are the requirements for magnetic substances in green
Details: The abrasive material for manufacturing the green cutting blade mold does not require high magnetic content, but the surface quality of the green cutting disc abrasive particles is strict. Today, Henan cutting film manufacturers _ Aurora abrasives will give you a brief introduction to the treatment of abrasives. Because graphite and dust adhere to the surface of the abrasive, the adhesion between the resin and the abrasive particles can be reduced and weakened, resulting in a decrease in the hardness and strength of the mold. In order to improve the bonding ability of the abrasive and the bonding agent, and to improve the strength, toughness, wear resistance, etc. of the abrasive, the necessary additional treatment should be performed for the abrasive. 3. The abrasive treatment methods include calcination, particle shaping, surface coating, and table second corrosion.
(1) Calcination treatment
The corundum abrasive has a high temperature and 2 to 4 hours of calcination, which can significantly improve the microhardness, toughness and hydrophilicity of the abrasive grains of the abrasive cutting piece. After the temperature exceeds 3,000 Baidu, the abrasive performance decreases. The calcination treatment has obvious effect on the corundum abrasive, and the effect on the SIC abrasive is not obvious.
(two) frit processing
The corundum abrasive is produced by the frit method, and the frit method has the characteristics of large crystal particles, so that the strength of the abrasive grains is increased and the hardness is higher. In the abrasive grain processing method, the rolling method is used to increase the sheet-like and sword-like particles while ensuring the rough surface of the abrasive. After rolling and then drying, the content of the basic particles of the abrasive and the uniformity of the particle size can be improved, and the impurities, dust, and coarse particles can be cleaned.

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