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We are the few existing largest state invested group in China, has more than 30 years experience of producing and exporting insulation material, building materials, Steel& Drilling pipes for Petroleum and natural gas transportation and chemicals, etc.

Our main products including:
1)[Insulation materials]CE,SGS, ISO certified
a)Rock wool insulation materials; Rockwool felt, Rockwool board, Rock wool tube/pipe, Rock wool board glass cloth sewn blanket
b)Glass wool material; Glasswool felt,Glass wool pipe, Glass wool carpet, Glass wool board
c)Aluminosilicate materials,plates, pipe, felt, Blanket
d)Silicate materials; compound Silicate(Mg) plate, pipe, felt, compound Silicate Insulation
e)Polyurethane materials; Rigid Polyurethane foam, Polyurethane pipe placement, Polyurethane Insulation board, Polyurethane Insulation pipe, Poly phenolic pad solid insulation
f)High pressure polyethylene; Polyethylene (PEF) foam material
g)Sponge rubber materials, Sponge rubber insulation materials
h)Calcium silicate board
i)External insulation board;Extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation board, Low bulk density, closed cell foam glass, Cement foam ceramic insulation board, Polymer outer insulation adhesive mortar, Polymer outer insulation surface mortar, Polymer mortar cracking

2)[Isolation Anchor]
a)Exterior Wall Isolation Anchor
b)Metal Anchor
c)Nylon, Plastic Anchor

3)[Insulation accessories]
Aluminum foil tape, folder tendons foil tape, wire mesh, mesh glass cloth, unsaturated resin

4)[Curing agent series]
Polyurethane-fast closed,Polyurethane- plugging the curing agent, Polyurethane -mining rock reinforcement agent, Polyurethane-mine-fill-seal, PF-plugging the curing agent,Phenolic-fast closed, Phenolic-mining rock reinforcement

5)[Waterproofing Materials]
a)ASTM Standard Asphalt Saturated Organic Felt, Anti-root roof felt
ASTM D4869 15#,36''X144', ASTM D4869 30#,36''X72', ASTM D226 15#,36''X144',
ASTM D226 30#,36''X72';
b)Building black paper: 30,60,90,120 minute
c)SBS-modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane, APP
d)Asphalt Shingles (Polyester glass fiber Felt) HEXAGON,WAVE,TRADITION TYPE

6)[Steel pipes for Petroleum and natural gas transportation, coating, anti-Corrosion, welding, drilling and control equipment]
---Passed API 5L,API 5CT, HSE/OHS/E-MS,ISO9001,ISO10012
---Supply to China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC)
a)Steel pipe Series:
Spiral seam steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe, Elbow steel pipe, resistance & reducing internal coating, external anti-corrosion;
b)Drill pipes, Internal coating: API, E75- S135
Drill pipe:API standard, E75- S135,O.D.23/8inch-65/8 high intensity drill pipes and irregularity
c)Sucker Rod Pump,passed API 11E.

7 [Scaffold Series]by standard of BSll39 and or EN74.
Ring-lock System,Cup-lock System, Kwikstage-system, Frame system, Prop System, Base Jack, Fence, Walk Board, Coupler, Accessories

[Wrench Series]
Adjustable Wrench, Combination Ratchet Wrench, Flexible Ratchet Wrench, Ratchet wrench, Heavier type Ratchet Wrench

[Ladder Series] by standard EN14183
a)Steel/Aluminium/Fiberglass Material:Household Ladder,Single Ladder,Trestle Ladder,Folding Ladder,Portable Ladder,Step Ladder,Combination Ladder
[Painting Sundries]
A)Roller Cover B)Roller Frame And Kits C)Sundry:Paint Tray,Plastic Tray,Steel Grid, Paint Mixer,Clamp,Hook/Bucket Holder,Bulb Changer

[roll forming machine, Tile Forming Machine, Roof Tile Forming Machine, Glazed Tile Forming Machine, Color steel tile pressure machine]

[Concrete shuttering formwork, film faced plywood,MDF]

8)[Water Treatment Series]
color antiscale, boiler discoloration agent, boiler scale inhibitor, boiler insurance oxygen agents,cleaning agent series,triple combustion of deslagging cleaning agents,boiler decoking agent,boiler coal-fired desulfurizer,flue dust agent,sterilization algicide,cleaning pre-filming agent,scale inhibitor and dispersant

9)[Aluminum Profiles & Alloy]
Serie15 to 100,aluminium sliding door & window,aluminium profile extrusion,aluminium composite panel

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Tianjin FTC Group Jiayunda Co., Ltd

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Country or Areas: China
Post Code: 300040
Established: 1980
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