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Who we are

Commercial and Forest Surpacific S.A. is a recently formed company, with a managerial equipment and operations with vast and wide experience in the item of the remanufacture of wood of pine radiata.

The facilities are located in the Industrial Park Colonel, in the B韔 B韔 region, Chile, that of major importance and modern of the south of Chile, in an area of 2.500 m2 and one surface construed of more than 800 m2.

Nowadays the plant possesses a modern machinery of last technology capable of making all kinds of products that are obtained of the processes of remanufacture, both for the construction and for the industry of the furniture.

Products and Services

The company has the aptitude to produce tables with and without faults, moldings, frames of doors, jambs, tables to cover walls and floor and other products in different measures.

These products are the result of the effort supported of the company for valuing his forest products and answering with innovation to the demand of an increasing demanding market.


Our products fulfill sanitary qualit procedure and demanded by the different markets both native and foreigner

Products to measure

Our company emphasizes for his wide range of products that they answer to all the needs of our clients.

Points of standing out are especially the facility to create all kinds of products in all the measures or escuadr韆s and in any volume. Our treatment in the dried one, classified and quality control in the raw material, they make it suitable for any application: Sectors: Construction Carpentry Furniture brushed or identical Moldings.


Our major experience, ittakes root nevertheless in all the products of wood without faults, by means of processes that allow us to extract knots, freckles, marrow and other faults and to join the clean blocks with the system of "Finger Joint".

This system allows also the production in series of boards or products that are in use in the manufacture of doors and windows, as well as boards and laminated products that give him a great firmness to any product of carpentry or furniture store.

Our machines allow to join the parts for the singing principally, being one of our challenges to achieve that our clients could solve his problems of manufacture with raw materials that are standard.

Contact: Mr. Raul Correa

Mobile: 011-569-6-839-3771

GM-International Sales.

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