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[Buy]: Required material quotation
Hi there, I am looking to have a quote for following material for our site in Mississauga. 30 pcs 5/8x6 anchors 12". Plywood for and wa...
From: Canada (6/28/2022)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
 Dear Sir,  We are looking 20 000 tons of wood pellets (EN A1 ideally) for the coming year starting in September, for export in Europe&...
From: Canada (6/28/2022)
[Buy]: White oak laminated panels
I want to purchase laminated panels both finger jointed and glued edges panels for customers in Europe . Thickness:18 / 24 mm Width 1220 mm...
From: United States (6/27/2022)
[Buy]: Exterior door jambs and brick mould
We want to purchase exterior door jambs and brick mould from Brazil.  I was curious how to place orders for similair products in the future. &n...
From: United States (6/25/2022)
[Buy]: Beech and oak logs
Hello,  Kindly give us your quote for the following raw materials based on the specifications mentioned below: TYPE OF GOODS (Hardwoods...
From: United States (6/25/2022)
[Buy]: Interested in a prefab home
Hi there! I’m interested in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom (bathrooms in the bedroom) .5 bathroom with big windows prefab house to be shipped to Trinidad an...
From: United States (6/24/2022)
[Buy]: Ash logs
Like to get quotation for raw Ash log. What is the min and max order? What size do you have? Can you please email price and we can talk in phone to di...
From: United States (6/23/2022)
[Buy]: African wood - Doussie ,Iroko , Padouk ect.
We are an import export company located in California United States  It is Imen the representative of the company  Kindly We would like to g...
From: United States (6/23/2022)
[Buy]: Red western cedar
Looking for Red western cedar. 2/6 rough cut k.d. 10feet,up 80% clear Like a price for full container ship to Israel ...
From: United States (6/20/2022)
[Buy]: MDF for cabinets
We have tested your MDF and like it. Is it available in the US? Are you through Distribution or can I procure it direct. Looking forward to...
From: United States (6/15/2022)
[Buy]: Hard and soft maple logs to purchase
Hello, I'm inquiring about purchasing hard and/or soft maple logs for our violin factory in China. We are looking for a 40' container load of logs mi...
From: United States (6/15/2022)
[Buy]: Tropical hardwood
I’m interested in buying your sawmill need inventory . Square bulletwood and green heart piles for construction, Green heart lumber and other tropic...
From: United States (6/14/2022)
[Buy]: OSB lumber
I need some 3/4 in not familure with your company what is the quickest way and how long will it take to get an order of about 40 sheets ....
From: United States (6/13/2022)
[Buy]: Osage orange and algorrobo blanco wood
I'm inquiring about wood for flooring and was wondering where you may mill from. I'm looking for osage orange and algorrobo blanco. My purpose is for...
From: United States (6/10/2022)
From: United States (6/9/2022)
[Buy]: Pine wood log
Hi, please send me wholesale price of pine wood log in Mexico...
From: Mexico (6/8/2022)
[Buy]: Rattan tray sourcing in Vietnam
Hello, I am the director of product development for a growing tabletop and entertaining brand called LLC. We are a wholesale company based in the US....
From: United States (6/6/2022)
[Buy]: Pallet lumber
Looking for suppliers of pallet lumber precut....
From: Canada (6/2/2022)
[Buy]: Tougue and groove pine or cedar
I would like a price for t&g pine or spruce most economical width  700 sf random length....
From: Canada (5/31/2022)
[Buy]: Mdf black core
I would like to know please if you are producing mdf boards with colors (core color - black, gray white etc.)  If you do have it on your collect...
From: United States (5/31/2022)
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