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[Buy]: Prefabricate house
We’re looking to buy a 3 bedroom house, please let us know with more information thank. .....
From: United States (6/29/2020)
[Buy]: Wood Bat 33/39
I want to purchase ash and maple baseball bats......
From: United States (6/28/2020)
[Buy]: Handscraped walnut flooring
I(phone: 210.846.5236)bought a few bozes from Elegance Wood Flooring, but I cannot seem to find another company that has this type in USA. Do you manu...
From: United States (6/28/2020)
[Buy]: Snakewood logs
Hello, We are looking for figured snakewood logs. Hope to hear from you soon .....
From: United States (6/28/2020)
[Buy]: Cedar logs
Looking for cedar logs and cedar planks to be exported to Poland. Quantities as follows: - 300m3 of 30cm cedar logs 3000m2 of cedar planks 3cm thick....
From: Canada (6/25/2020)
[Buy]: Ironbark wood
I(Phone:585-433-2482 (office)) am looking for companies in the USA that import Grey Ironbark wood from Australia. I use this wood for cladding on the...
From: United States (6/24/2020)
[Buy]: Olivewood branches
Hello I want to buy 10 Olivewood branches 2 ft.long by 4" to 8" in dia.no bark.   .....
From: Canada (6/23/2020)
[Buy]: Cedar
Looking for 1x12 cedar 16 ft lengths  Price please. Thanks .....
From: Canada (6/22/2020)
[Buy]: Marine Grade 3 timbers
This inquiry is for a price list for marine grade (2.5) S2E timbers. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.  .....
From: United States (6/18/2020)
[Buy]: Cedar Beams
I'm looking for 10 pcs - 4" x 6" x 14' cedar beams ready to install into a home. Planed or just needing a light sanding. Can you supply?.....
From: Canada (6/17/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood/mdf
We are looking for nbew suppliers. If you can supply us with big volumes MDF,plywood and blockboards, please contact us . .....
From: United States (6/15/2020)
[Buy]: A4 Paper for print
I am interested in a sample of A4100 sheets of paper to test the quality of printing, drawing, gloss etc. I am a distributor of products in mexico.&nb...
From: Mexico (6/8/2020)
[Buy]: Paraffin wax
We are interested on paraffin wax, 58-60 and slack. Could you give us your best price, CIF Manzanillo, Mexico .....
From: United States (6/8/2020)
[Buy]: Siding
Looking for a price on 8 inch cedar channel siding. 2000 to 3000 lineal feet.(Phone:250 695 6979) Please call me. .....
From: Canada (6/5/2020)
[Buy]: Basralocus logs
I'm looking for basralocus logs. I need more info.   .....
From: Canada (6/4/2020)
[Buy]: Marshmallow roasting sticks
Hello, I am the canteen operator at Awenda Provincial Park and I am interested in marshmallow roasting sticks.   Are these still availa...
From: Canada (6/3/2020)
[Buy]: Wood base BTN Salvage
We are bidding the project mentioned below, we need to price, according to plans, approximately 32,000 Lf of wood base BTN Salvage, 3/4'' x 6'' with 1...
From: United States (6/2/2020)
[Buy]: Shuttering products
Looking for new suppliers of shuttering products for markets of United States ......
From: United States (6/2/2020)
[Buy]: Pine Lumber from Brazil
We are Canadian based building construction material distributor based in Toronto Canada we are looking for construction Pine Lumbar too adds to our p...
From: Canada (6/1/2020)
[Buy]: Distressed wood
Looking for 100sf of distressed wood for interior wall. .....
From: United States (5/31/2020)
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