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[Buy]: Beach Wood
Beach Wood for Furniture maiking in Baja California Mexico.....
From: United States (7/21/2020)
[Buy]: 100% Amescla plywood
Looking for 100% Amescla plywood from Brazil 4 X 8 WBP BB/CC or CC/CC. I need 6 containers per week (or can do you do breakbulk) 21mm 4 X 8 . ...
From: United States (7/21/2020)
[Buy]: Rosewood Natural Color flooring
I am looking for Solid Rosewood Natural Color flooring. I am only in need of 3 boxes to complete a project. I would need international shipping or if...
From: United States (7/19/2020)
[Buy]: Walnut and Hemlock boards
Salutations,   I would like to check the price and availability for the following two products. The best case scenario would be to have...
From: United States (7/16/2020)
[Buy]: Wooden boxes in bulk for packaging spices
I am looking to get custom boxes to package spices as a gift box. Can you give me a quote for a 8x10x2.5 box? Thanks .....
From: United States (7/16/2020)
[Buy]: Special pattern veneer
 Looking for a company to do special patterns veneers with lots of angles, CNC cutting, etc...  .....
From: Canada (7/14/2020)
[Buy]: African Hardwood Logs
Hi, I own a small sawmill in SC, USA and am looking to start importing exotic hardwood logs. Can you send me a price list for logs and what is your mi...
From: United States (7/13/2020)
[Buy]: Railway sleepers
I’m in New Jersey(tel:856-780-0859)and need one (or two) railway sleepers at the front of my garden. I have measurements and photos, but just wanted...
From: United States (7/11/2020)
[Buy]: Pallets
Hello. I would like to get a quote for purchasing an increased amount of pallets. Thank you. .....
From: United States (7/10/2020)
[Buy]: Wood paddles and oars line
I am an International Buyer for a Mfg. out of Greensboro, NC, USA. I am currently working on finding a good source for our wood paddles and oars line...
From: United States (7/10/2020)
[Buy]: Teak hand carved headboard
I(phone:7143368468) am trying to purchase a teak Queen size hand carved headboard from a place I visited in Phenom Penn in 2010 a Ross the street from...
From: United States (7/10/2020)
[Buy]: Cedar Siding
We need a small amount of old-style cedar-siding that has a wavey bottom edge, tappered with a 10" relief... 12" Board.  Are you able to sup...
From: Canada (7/7/2020)
[Buy]: Chairs
I need a Dining room 2 arm chair shipped gold interior, brown chair. Dining room end Table two charm chair-REG. NO.CA35253 (RC) .....
From: United States (7/6/2020)
[Buy]: Cedar decking
Looking for local supplier of cedar decking......
From: Canada (7/6/2020)
[Buy]: Veneer Log from Russia
I am a Saw and Veneer Log buyer here (we are an international exporter of Logs). We do high volumes and are looking for consistent suppliers.&nb...
From: United States (7/5/2020)
[Buy]: 1x8 cedar 1x8 --12 or 16 ft
I wan to buy cut cedar at present. I need about 50 pieces but will take what you have.  Thant You .....
From: Canada (7/3/2020)
[Buy]: Mixed hardwood inquiry
I have a mixed hardwood inquiry......
From: Mexico (7/2/2020)
[Buy]: Frame # 7D07-808
Hello, l’d like to know where l can get wholesale prices on the in the New York City, metro area. Thank you,.....
From: United States (7/1/2020)
[Buy]: Dallas SPF
I am trying to acquire 2x10 SPF. About 1,600 LF  .....
From: United States (6/30/2020)
[Buy]: Cedar siding
I am putting together a quote to re finish our gas bar here in moricetown. By the look of the west wall I need to install new siding. I believe it is...
From: Canada (6/29/2020)
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