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[Buy]: Black Walnut logs
Looking for black walnut logs.please send prices......
From: United States (12/2/2020)
[Buy]: Spruce logs
I'm interested in purchasing Spruce logs from Germany for use in the Chinese market.  Could you please hold 20000 m3 for me in January, I'm...
From: Canada (12/2/2020)
[Buy]: Structural wood - SPF
We have several clients who are currently looking for structural wood, SPF (Spruce Pine Fir). I have a detailed list I could provide you when needed.&...
From: Canada (12/1/2020)
[Buy]: Cedar for fence
Hi,  We are interested to buy cedar for a fence wholesale. We need Approximately 7,500 linear feet of 6” wide wood. Is this something you...
From: United States (12/1/2020)
[Buy]: Furniture
Looking for suppliers of construction materials, indoor and outdoor furniture from Vietname, hoping to wholesale your items in our Illinois located st...
From: United States (11/28/2020)
[Buy]: HPL plywood
We are looking for Hight Pressure Laminated 9 plys of softwood, plywood 18mm thick. Two sides are laminated Yellow Security color mate with finis...
From: Canada (11/26/2020)
[Buy]: Eastern white pine KD rough
Interested in 2x4, 2x6, 2x10 and mill run random sizes of eastern white pine KD rough. Please qoute FOB price. .....
From: Canada (11/23/2020)
[Buy]: Slab monkey wood
Iam looking to purchase a 1 piece Whole slab monkey wood .. any size. .....
From: United States (11/21/2020)
[Buy]: Oak and pine wood
I would like to get the prices of 1m3 of pine wood and oak wood. they for exportation .....
From: United States (11/19/2020)
[Buy]: Boat project
I’m building a boat that requires long clear vertical-grained cedar. It calls for 11/16 x 1 ½ inch strips to cover the sides of a 26’ boat roug...
From: United States (11/18/2020)
[Buy]: Red Oak Wood Veneer
Hello, Can you please give me a quote for a 20sqft container of Red Oak Wood Veneer? I need grade A, crown cut if you have any.   .....
From: Canada (11/17/2020)
[Buy]: MDF
Looking for 1/2 inch MDF 4x8 that is TSCA Title VI certified to import into USA......
From: United States (11/13/2020)
[Buy]: Red Oak Veneer
I am looking for 12" Red Oak Veneer - Paperback on a continuous roll similar to edge banding. I would require approximately 120' or more.  ...
From: Canada (11/12/2020)
[Buy]: White ash wood
I'm looking for white ash for a guitar body. I am looking for a piece that is 24x24x1.5.    .....
From: United States (11/12/2020)
[Buy]: 4 x 8 feet Plywood 3/8
We need a plywood quote . We need 1 container of the materials described below. if you don't handle the material be so kind as to address me...
From: United States (11/11/2020)
[Buy]: Plywoods
I want to import plywood, please send us the price lists......
From: Canada (11/10/2020)
[Buy]: Saman logs
I may be interested in a container of logs. What's the cost to send to Edmonton, Canada? .....
From: Canada (11/10/2020)
[Buy]: Light weight wood sheet
I have a sample of some light weight blockboard which i was told could be used for cabinet doors and or countertops. I would be interested in learning...
From: United States (11/10/2020)
[Buy]: Mahogany or Teak boards
Hello, I am wanting to build a kitchen island 4'Wx2.5'Lx3'H. I would like to know the price for 4x4x8 posts and 2x4x8 boards will cost. Thank you .....
From: United States (11/3/2020)
[Buy]: Samanea Saman Flooring
I am looking for Samanea Saman Flooring. I originally sourced out of Venezuela, but that is no longer an option. Hoping you are able to help. .....
From: United States (10/30/2020)
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