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[Buy]: Live Edge Slabs
We are in search of 'Live Edge Wood Slabs' Slabs of Walnut, Black Walnut, Mahogany and other exotic woods.  We are a wholesaler located in Americ...
From: United States (1/7/2021)
[Buy]: 1-6 t&g cedar
I need about 1100 sq ft of t&g cedar lumber.   .....
From: Canada (1/6/2021)
[Buy]: Dry yew wood
I am looking for some dry Live edge Yew wood with features and inclusions. Looking for live edge 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch thick X 12 inches wide ....
From: Canada (1/6/2021)
[Buy]: RTA kitchen cabinets
Looking for a supplier of wood RTA cabinets and plwood carcass.....
From: United States (1/4/2021)
[Buy]: Tiller
I need a tiller for an O'Day 27.. can you supply one. If so please let me have the specs and price. Thank you.....
From: Canada (1/4/2021)
[Buy]: Hard board
Looking for a reliable supplier to our clients for 2,5 mm in Caribe and Usa ......
From: United States (1/4/2021)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
I would like to buy 200 tons of pellets. What would be my cost?   .....
From: United States (1/4/2021)
[Buy]: Guitars
Hello,  I am looking for a manufacturer to produce original guitars from my CAD/CAM files. I would like to know what your minimums are for p...
From: United States (1/1/2021)
[Buy]: Custom toy
I'm interested in manufacturing a custom toy.  If you do custom manufacturing, please let me know and I can send you the drawing files. Thank yo...
From: United States (12/28/2020)
[Buy]: Finger Joint Floor moldings
I work for a wood flooring importer based in California, USA. We are looking for a factory to manufacture Finger Joint Floor moldings for us. We wan...
From: United States (12/28/2020)
[Buy]: Garden mirrors
We are looking for new product of the garden mirrors. please e-mail photos of new product. .....
From: United States (12/17/2020)
[Buy]: Cedar shakes
I want to inquire what your price is for cedar shake shingles. .....
From: Canada (12/17/2020)
[Buy]: OCC-11 waste paper
I would like to inquire about OCC-11 waste cardboard.  Can you please quote me accordingly for 100MT. Will to buy 200-300MT per month  ...
From: Canada (12/14/2020)
[Buy]: Finished teak lumber
 We are a house builder in US , We are interested in buying finished teak lumber for home construction and trim , my wife is from ecuador and we...
From: United States (12/12/2020)
[Buy]: Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels
Hello I dont have a company just looking for 2 4x8 sheets 1/2 inch thick of these panels in Davao.....do u sell them.... .....
From: Canada (12/12/2020)
[Buy]: Wood Veneer laid up before shipped out
Silver Eucalyptus Flitch #5093-1416 Bookmatched Sheets Cross Grain 4' X 8' Include Paper Backer On Veneer. ORDER ONLY IF 4' DIMENSION ARRIVES AS 49"&n...
From: United States (12/11/2020)
[Buy]: Lumber wood ,yellow pine for export
HI, I have import/export business in Canada, I need some information about lumber wood ,yellow pine and other kind of wood to export to Pakistan,...
From: Canada (12/10/2020)
[Buy]: Electric guitar body, neck and fret boards
I would like to inquire if your company is able to supply just the raw electric guitar body, neck and fret board or do you only supply the entire comp...
From: Canada (12/9/2020)
[Buy]: Rustic oak hardwood flooring
Looking for some rustic oak 4 1/2 " flooring to finish a job, can you help us out? only need a box or 2.....
From: United States (12/7/2020)
[Buy]: Puzzle Toys
I am the founder of Katati Toys. I am wondering if you guys made Carter's barnyard magnetic puzzle. If so, I would like to request for a quote for my...
From: United States (12/5/2020)
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