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[Buy]: Fence lumber
Do you sell pressure treated fence pickets that are 3/4 in thick 5 1/2 in wide and 6ft tall if so what are your prices per picket and how many can you...
From: United States (2/11/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood and structural wood supplier in Brazil
Dear Sirs, We need a supplier of plywood and construction type wood for regular supply of it during the next few years. It's a very regular busi...
From: United States (2/10/2021)
[Buy]: Wood Slabs
We are looking for 4', 6' and 8' slabs. Occasionally we receive inquiries for large round slabs. (4' to 6' diameter). 'Live Edge Wood Slabs' Slabs of...
From: United States (2/9/2021)
From: United States (2/8/2021)
[Buy]: Pine flooring
I want to buy tongue and groove pine flooring. Also do you know anyone that installs it. We are on the Black River Road in Waltham, Quebec.  Tha...
From: Canada (2/8/2021)
[Buy]: Cedar lumber
I need a couple 1000 feet of cedar 1xs .....
From: United States (2/7/2021)
[Buy]: 2x6 and 2x12 cedar lumber
Hello  I make and sell alot of raised garden beds from 2x12 #3 western red cedar and 2x6 #2 cedar. Im looking to get several units worth of...
From: United States (2/5/2021)
[Buy]: Classical guitar bridge
I would like to know if you can build a classical guitar bridge for my 1985 Goya guitar. I am looking for a strong, well-balanced bridge with a unique...
From: United States (2/5/2021)
[Buy]: Caribbean Pine logs and chips
We need to ship 1,000 cubic meters of sawed Caribbean Pine logs (diameter 8” or more),CIF Honduras.  .....
From: United States (2/4/2021)
[Buy]: Spruce lumber
Can you send me a quotation for:  1 piece spruce 2" x 4" x 24' 1 piece spruce 2" x 6" x 24' 1 piece spruce 2" x 8" x 24 1 pie...
From: Canada (2/4/2021)
[Buy]: Acoustic Guitar Manufacturing
Hi, i have a acoustic/electric guitar product I would liek to produce. What is your minimum quantity for production and can you give me an idea of pri...
From: United States (2/4/2021)
[Buy]: Caribbean Pine logs
We are trying to put together a first order of 1,000 cubic meters of Caribbean Pine wood in roles with diameters of 8 inches or more, CIF Central Amer...
From: United States (2/3/2021)
[Buy]: Cedar lumber
I would like to ask how much does a 45 foot container of cedar would cost to export. how many square feet would it have and how much would it cost per...
From: Canada (2/2/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
I am looking for the carb phase 2 fit for US market. I am looking for the plywood  5.2mmm 12mm 15mm 18mm white birch wit...
From: United States (2/1/2021)
[Buy]: Caribbean Pine. Chips and rolls.
Dear Sirs. We are trying to assemble a first order for 1,000 cubic meters of Caribbean Pine lumber in roles with diameters of 8 inches or more. T...
From: United States (2/1/2021)
[Buy]: OSB from Canada
Hello,  I am looking for OSB to export to South Korea. Can you give me a quote for this: - size: 11.1T 1220*2440mm - amount:...
From: Canada (1/31/2021)
[Buy]: Doors and moldings
Hello! We specialize in wood and products such as moldings, doors and related ... We have buyers in areas such as North America, Central America and t...
From: United States (1/28/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
I am interested in plywood and please send more information on your products......
From: Canada (1/28/2021)
[Buy]: New home
looking to build a 3 bedroom house in Dominica 1500sqft on a gentle slopping piece of land....   please advise .....
From: United States (1/28/2021)
[Buy]: OSB Board
Hi; Would you pls give me a quote for the below item(s) (Cost and delivery time)? Thanks!  Wafer Board (OSB) ; 18-3/4"L x15-1/2" W x1/4...
From: Canada (1/27/2021)
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