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[Sell]: Wood mattress frames
Wooden mattress foundations, foundation components and custom sized wood components......
From: United States (8/14/2015)
[Sell]: Keruing (Apitong) Logs
Keruing (Apitong) Logs and Timber available. Located in Vietnam  Optional: Decking, Shiplap and Construction Lumber.  Photos avail...
From: United States (8/6/2015)
[Sell]: Aged barn wood
Approximately 80 years old. Cedar. Various lengths and widths.  From 1X4 THRU 12X12. $ PER LINEAR FT FOR SIDING. LARGER MATERIAL NEGOTIABLE. .....
From: United States (8/5/2015)
[Sell]: Queen-Set Luxury Bedroom Furniture for Home
Bernadette Livingston Furniture one of the best bedroom furniture maker for your home. Our experts designed different bedroom furniture for home of d...
From: United States (8/3/2015)
[Sell]: Softwood (SYP/SPF/Douglas fir) dimension sawn lumber
SYP #2 grade KD HT S4S - 2x6(38*140) 2x8(38*184) - 8' to 16' SYP millrun KD HT S4S - trim end short 2x6x2' (38*140*610mm) SPF #3 grade KD HT...
From: Canada (7/24/2015)
[Sell]: Hardwood and Softwood Lumber and Panels
We specialize in Softwood lumber (Yellow Pine, SPF-Spruce, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Ponderosa Pine, White-Fir). We distribute Hardwoods like Oak, Maples,...
From: Canada (7/22/2015)
[Sell]: Tropical wood
We have tropical wood from Sudamerica.....
From: United States (7/14/2015)
[Sell]: Pine logs
We have available Southern yellow pine and taeda pine.  We export woods like Ash, Bald Cypress, Balsa, Balsamo, Beech, Capirona, Cottonwood,...
From: United States (7/6/2015)
[Sell]: Ash logs
Ash logs in stock.  We export woods like Ash, Bald Cypress, Balsa, Balsamo, Beech, Capirona, Cottonwood, Cumaru, Cherry, Chile radiata pine,...
From: United States (7/6/2015)
[Sell]: Ash, Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, SYP logs and lumber quote
 Species: SYP Logs  GRADE: Sawlog Diameter: 25cm and up Length:11.8m Price: CIF Shanghai $128/metric ton Price Based on:...
From: United States (6/30/2015)
[Sell]: American Black Walnut Logs
We have a large volume of American Black Walnut round logs available. Saw logs in Clear 0 sides--straight and sound and Clear 2 & 3 sides. In veneer...
From: United States (6/28/2015)
[Sell]: White Oak Lumber, Red Oak Lumber, Acacia Lumber
High Volume Quantity Available.  Contact me for pricing.  Thank you......
From: United States (6/25/2015)
[Sell]: Ash Logs -
Ash logs with bark - 60% of 3 size clear / 40% of 2 side clear Diameter : 12" & Wider Length : 7 feet & longer .....
From: Canada (6/23/2015)
[Sell]: Certified Mahogany from Brazil ready to export.
Wood is in Brazil.  More than 12,000 m3, almost 350 containers, of certified Brazilian Mahogany ready to export out of warehouse. Dry and kept f...
From: United States (6/22/2015)
[Sell]: Red Pine Lumber
Looking for Red Pine FOB ROUGH/KD/HT 75mm/200mm, 63mm/200mm, 19mm/100mm, 16mm/100mm and the a lenght of >4 meters on all measurements.  Will...
From: United States (6/21/2015)
[Sell]: Balau Timber
Balau Timber available with steady capacity. It is excellent for Decking, Furniture, Flooring and more. It is produced according to the buyers request...
From: United States (6/17/2015)
[Sell]: Keruing Timber
Offer durable hardwood timber. Excellent for construction, decking, flooring and more.  KD and produce according to buyers request. &nb...
From: United States (6/17/2015)
[Sell]: Acacia Timber
Acacia Timber available with a steady capacity. Excellent for furniture, pallet and packaging. Kiln Dried (KD) and cut to customers specification ...
From: United States (6/17/2015)
[Sell]: We Produce All kind of woods and Accessories.
Alphil Intl Ltd is a family owned wood manufacturing company situated in   Maple Ridge,   British Columbia; about one hour? drive...
From: United States (6/16/2015)
[Sell]: Azobe/ Bongossi, Bubinga, Doussie and more for sales
We are Manufactures, exporters and suppliers of african hard and soft wood timber and below are the various types of timber we have in stock for ready...
From: United States (6/14/2015)
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