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[Buy]: Birch Lumber
We are interested in imported containers of 4/4 Birch lumber.  Please contact me....
From: United States (7/12/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
I would like to check your plywood: 1: Plywood Core: poplar core Face/back: okoume, , pine ,or birch.   Glue: MR, WBP, Melam...
From: United States (7/11/2021)
[Buy]: White pine
From: Canada (7/8/2021)
[Buy]: White Ash Wood
I would like to ask the price for White Ash, with sizes:  Thickness: 1" and 1/2",  Width: 3" and wider....
From: United States (7/2/2021)
[Buy]: Cedar 3 lifts of 6 by 6
HELLO we are construction company. could you cut me 3 lifts of 6 by 6 16ft cedar lumber? phone at 778 347 5686...
From: Canada (7/1/2021)
[Buy]: Pine plywood
I am from Durango EXIM, a manufacturer of wood products in Durango, Mexico. We are looking for Pine plywood of the following specs:   -...
From: Mexico (6/21/2021)
[Buy]: Birch lumber 22mm Kiln Dried to Vietnam
We are a sourcing agent for cabinet makers in Vietnam. We look forward to buying Birch 22mm KD AB Mixed to Vietnam market. Do you have this type of...
From: United States (6/21/2021)
[Buy]: Parota logs
I am looking for round Parota logs. required veneer quality , totally round and straight , no branch.  ----- ------ ------ ------ ----------...
From: Canada (6/20/2021)
[Buy]: Bamboo toys
Iím looking for a company to make bamboo toys for my company. Iím currently in Costa Rica, Nasara for the summer. Could we connect? Thank you...
From: United States (6/17/2021)
[Buy]: Softwood (Pine, Spruce)
We are interested to purchase large quantity of soft to export to Karachi, Pakistan....
From: United States (6/15/2021)
[Buy]: Hardwood quote
Hi, we are interested in solid oak and Birch 5" wide handscraped prefinished. and Hickory engineered 6.5" wide handscraped in 1/2" thick. You can...
From: United States (6/14/2021)
[Buy]: OSB
Looking for suppliers of OSB....
From: United States (6/10/2021)
[Buy]: Teak wood
Please advise what are the costs of teak wood? ...
From: Canada (6/10/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood price list request for the Bahamas
 Can you supply price list of all the plywood you supply.  We are interested to purchase for shipping to the Bahamas. We will have our...
From: United States (6/10/2021)
[Buy]: Sawn timber Doussie, Iroko
We request blocks and sawn timber Doussie, Iroko, Tali, Sapelli, Bilinga, etc...
From: Canada (6/7/2021)
[Buy]: ACX Birch plywood
 Hello I am looking for a supplier of ACX Birch plywood in 15, 18, 8mm thickness. I could order 4 large ocean containers per year, if w...
From: United States (6/6/2021)
[Buy]: Mushroom Click Bamboo Flooring
We purchase the Mushroom Click Bamboo Flooring from Home Depot last year and didnít finish our floors when it was discontinued. We are hoping we can p...
From: United States (6/5/2021)
[Buy]: Black Film Faced Plywood
Looking for Black Film Faced Plywood. Please message me on whatsapp or wechat ....
From: United States (6/5/2021)
[Buy]: Birds-eye maple
I am looking for birds-eye maple for a project. Minimum thickness 10 or 12/4 or thicker, minimum width 2 1/2" or wider, minimum length 10" or longer&...
From: Canada (6/4/2021)
[Buy]: Printed Particle Board (Chipboard)
I need particle boards with both sides melamine my quantity is 2 containers of 40hq . you can also contact me tnrought whatsapp i am in canada my...
From: Canada (6/4/2021)
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