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[Sell]: Red or white oak lumber
We can supply red or white oak lumber. We have FAS and #1C available in 4/4.  .....
From: United States (3/16/2018)
[Sell]: Angelim Vermelho Cambara Cedro Chicha Cumaru IPE Itauba Mac
215k Cubic metres ready for mill. Can supply 50k cubic m a month. Looking for long term offtake. Sustainable certificate......
From: Canada (3/14/2018)
[Sell]: Oak logs
We sell standing timbers, walnut veneer logs, hard maple, cherry and white oak logs. Please call 563.580.7542 .....
From: United States (2/23/2018)
[Sell]: Red oak and ash logs
Specializes in walnut, white and red oak and ash logs. Also export aromatic red cedar cants .....
From: United States (2/21/2018)
[Sell]: Oak poplar walnut logs
We can supply wood logs pine Oak poplar walnut ......
From: United States (2/20/2018)
Dear Sirs / madam,    we have the following logs ready for export : Tali logs , okoume logs , sapelli logs , okan logs, dabema log...
From: Canada (2/11/2018)
[Sell]: 64 and 84 Ash #1C KD Lumber
My South Asian Buyer bought too many loads and have an extra load available in Port of Qasim. Any local buyers can email me for further information. L...
From: United States (2/8/2018)
[Sell]: Outdoor timber decking
Contemporary Decks prides itself on building quality crafted outdoor timber structures. We stand by our products and superior finish 100%. We have exp...
From: United States (2/2/2018)
[Sell]: superhero capes
We are the # 1, we provide more than 100 kinds of superhero capes and masks, Children just love the feel of this fabric - perfect for superhero partie...
From: United States (1/22/2018)
[Sell]: Swietenia mahogani
Puerto Rico Hardwoods, a USA company, supplies hardwoods from the fallen trees of Hurricane Maria. We specialize in Caribbean Mahogany, Pterocarpus,...
From: United States (1/16/2018)
[Sell]: 4/4 dried Hardwood Lumber
1 container R.W.L. Soft Maple $9500. 6 containers R.W.L. Mixed Hardwoods 11,500 ea.....
From: United States (1/7/2018)
[Sell]: Hardwoods
PR Hardwoods has a permanent inventory of the most exotic hardwoods found in the Caribbean. From mahogany to blue mahoe to teak we are your source fo...
From: United States (12/13/2017)
[Sell]: magnesium boards (mgo)
I have several t/l's of magnesium boards for sale both in 9mm and 12mm, product located in Montreal, Canada 3100 shts 4x8 9mm 16.90/sht&nbs...
From: Canada (12/13/2017)
[Sell]: white and red oak
4000 3x3x8ft white and red oak boards and 1000 2x4x8ft white oak boards.....
From: United States (12/11/2017)
[Sell]: Redwood Sequoia
I have a Redwood Sequoia. about 74 years old. On the ground now, and not bucked into sections. Wanting to sell the Lumber so it doesn't get wasted on...
From: United States (12/11/2017)
[Sell]: lumber,Beech lumber, logs,Firewood,Wood Chips,Epal Pallet
We offer all Kinds of lumber,Beech lumber, logs,Firewood,Wood Chips,Wood Pallets Beech wood: - square edged (super-short, short, long)&nbs...
From: United States (11/27/2017)
[Sell]: Hand Held Log Scaler Field Manager
Field Manager, hand held log scaler complete with charge and updated software, hardly used for sale.  Has all forms of scaling modules inclu...
From: Canada (11/20/2017)
[Sell]: Partnership
Searching for a capable partner to place in the market the following inventory: Acacia (6MM BF), Almond (3MM BF), Cabaggebar tree (300k BF), Eucalyptu...
From: United States (11/7/2017)
[Sell]: OSB 4x8 1/2 inch thick
I have 1,000 pcs of OSB 4x8 1/2 inch thick $15 a pc free delivery .....
From: United States (11/4/2017)
[Sell]: SPF and SYP
2x4 , 2x6, S4S, SPF, 475 MBFT #2.....
From: United States (11/1/2017)
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