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Product Category : Plywood & Veneer Post Time: 4/2/2013 10:56:46 AM
Posted By: Share Sheen Enterprise Co., Ltd   ( View Company  Details )
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Product Name: Pellet Mill 
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In various wood processing or in the manufacturing process of plywood, the generation of "saw dust" etc. is to be sure. In the past, the saw dust would be put into the boiler to burn out since it is the waste of no commercial value, especially the powdered saw dust produced in the process of "cutting with saw", "sanding". The powdered saw dust is difficult to dispose due to its structure is loose and quality is light. When they are put into process of boiler and burn, they will spread everywhere and cause the secondary environmental pollution.

"Pellet Mill" of our company is one set to be able to compress saw dust to make into "particle form". It can use by water and steam to compress saw dust of waste of no commercial value into easy pack, preservation, transportation and sale. The “wood biomass pellet" can burn efficiently, which regenerate and utilize the waste to change into new energy product to obtain extra profit.
In present earth environment, it is more and more difficult to obtain the energy, and the expense is much higher, so utility of waste is more urgent too and pay more attention. Therefore, "fuel product" of the "Wood Biomass Pellet" has already been a new demand product now, and "pellet mill" becomes indispensable machinery.
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