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Posted Time:12/16/2021

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Wolddeed bulk wood pellets come from redefined wood residue and quality wood waste. Using our bulk pellets as a source of heat is efficient, ecofriendly, convenient and cost effective. Do away with carrying bags from the local store and have your wood pellets delivered in bulk.

Wolddeed provides the finest wood pellets in bulk rather than the old fashioned storing pellets in Bags which can take up a lot of space for storage and require lots of extra work to get the bags in place. We offer discount wood pellets for sale in Pennsylvania and Maryland and also provide bulk pellet storage solutions that are both convenient and affordable. Gear up up for this winter by contacting Wolddeed for all your Wood Pellet Heating needs!

We Deliver Wood Pellets Direct to You

At Wolddeed we take wood pellet heating seriously. That is why we have invested in the most up-to-date equipment to get our bulk pellets directly to your home in the most efficient manner possible. You can get your wood pellets delivered in super sacks or, we can work with you to install a pellet storage bin of your choice.

Our own craftsman can come to your location and install a storage system in your basement or in an outdoor shed. Whatever your needs, we do the best we can to make your life less complicated and more eco-smart!

Bulk Hardwood Pellets: Your Efficient Home Heating Solution

Our bulk hardwood pellets have a reputation for quality and consistency. Bulk hardwood pellets make keeping your heating system stocked with pellets easier and more cost effective. They are an ideal solution if you depend on pellets to heat your home or business, especially when combined with a Pellet Storage Bin.

We can deliver bulk pellets directly to your storage bin using our state of the art delivery truck and vacuum system. Stop carrying the heavy bags of heating pellets by switching to bulk!

Bulk Hardwood Pellets Storage Options

Order Bulk Hardwood Pellets for the first time and get a Free Super Sack. These sacks are super strong and large enough to hold one ton of pellets. You can scoop the pellets out of the top of the sack as needed. These sacks can even be placed on your porch.

Better yet, built your own custom DIY Pellet Storage Bin for storing your hardwood pellets. The bulk pellet storage bin can be placed in your basement, garage, or other indoor areas. Or consider outdoor pellet storage shed placed at a location with convenient access and we?l keep it re-filled as needed.

No matter which option you choose, we recommend making use of our outside fill kits that allow us to refill your storage bin when you?e not at home. It works just like the oil ports that are reused to refill heating oil tanks. We pull up to your home, connect our hose to your port, and blow the bulk wood pellets into your bin for a hassle-free experience.

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