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--) Glued Laminated Wood BSH

Glued laminated timber is high quality wood with dimensional stability and capacity to carry more load. It can b

koles d.o.o.  [ Slovenia ]

--) DUO, TRIO Laminated Wood

Duo/ trio laminated beams/ wood is made with more than two and three planks joined together of timber pieces glued in a

koles d.o.o.  [ Slovenia ]

--) Structural Wood KVH

KVH is a structural timber used for the construction of structures in modern buildings and residential area. KOLES provi

koles d.o.o.  [ Slovenia ]

--) Glued Laminated Wood BSH Profiled

Glued Laminated Wood by KOLES is produced with great efficacy to provide high level of stability for buildings, stable c

koles d.o.o.  [ Slovenia ]