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Product Name: VeneeBack
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1 ?DPA Series ?Non-Woven Fleece for Veneer.
1100mm (25gram)
1030, 1155 and 1280mm + customized width (30gram)

2 ?DVR Series ?Fleece backing for veneer (Roll type)

3 ?DVP Series ?Fleece backing for veneer (Press type)
25 g - wet edge to use and the most thinnest product.
30 g - wet edge to use (hot type) in three colors (B for Black, W for white, I for ivory white)

4 ?DVT Series - Finger Joint Tape (42mm)

5 ?DVP Series ?Fleece backing for veneer (Double side coated)

6 ?AGA Series ?Adhesive for Veneer
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Business Type: Manufacturing, Exporting
Target Market: Worldwide
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