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Product Name: 230 panel outside board wpc decking pvc floor
Model No: SK-DB230
Unit Price: USD10
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SENKE ecological wood outside wallboard series products are designed special for outdoor use, the only one that conforms to the standard outdoor applications, its excellent ecological wood products, weather resistance faded degrees and prevent ageing sex can guarantee the product used for 20 years, don't need convoluted late more than a hollow maintenance outdoor board, which can efficiently cavity structure to heat preservation and sound insulation effect, accord with energy conservation and environmental protection building facades standards. SENKE ecological wood outdoor wallboard specifically targeted at building outdoor use requirement and development product design, and its characteristics in keeping the green can wood natural woodiness feeling effect outside emphatically resolve the building external environment application the special requirements, such as building insulation heat preservation, energy-saving, material saving, resistance to UV, make aging and anti-deformation etc, become China's first products that can satisfy the woodiness environmental protection product exterior application. With rich outside wallboard wooden-lines fabrics and retro elegant dimensional administrative levels, a waterproof, anticorrosive, prevent termites characteristics, simple installation, free maintenance, is high-grade villas, senior residential area of exterior wall protection beautification professional choice.
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