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Product Name: Coconut Palm Wood/Coco Wood Flooring, Gazebo, Furniture
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Products Name: Coconut Wood Flooring, Gazebo, Furniture

Standard Flooring
300/450/600/900mm Length x 90mm Wide x 15/18mm Tall
T&G with double end
Average Hardness
1450 psi, per ASTM D1037
Relative Stability
ASTM D1037-99
Stability ratio 0.00194
Fire Rating MC
ASTM-E 648, critical radiant flux, 0.54, meets class 3 rating
+/- 10%
Quality: Grade A-B
Product Origin: Sulawesi Island ( Indonesia)
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PT. Inti Jaya Prima (Cocosnatura) is a manufacturer and exporter of coco wood items from Indonesia. We have manufactured various kind of wooden items as example Coconut Wood Flooring, Paneling, Decking, Furniture, Gazebo, Parasol, Swing Chair and many other kinds of wooden items.

Coconut Palm Wood is a friendly and durable construction material. Coconut Wood different from other hardwood, Coconut wood is versatile and has excellent credentials, with its red/ brown colour, unique black strips and grain.

It also suitable to be used as high-value material for flooring, gazebo, furniture, and kitchen cabinets. All of our materials are cut from unproductive trees. Our products are made from solid coconut timber.

We can make any design and product that needed by our customer, with material coconut palm wood.

We create natural, simple and timeless products. We give satisfaction and comfortable product for our customer.

By using our product, one day coconut wood will be recognized as an alternative on reducing de forestation and safe our tropical forest.
Capacity Supply: 10 Container 20
Business Type: Manufacturer
Target Market: Worldwide
Delivery Lead Time: 40 Days
Valid Time: 6 Months
Minimum Orders: 1 Container 20


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