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Product Name: Engineered wood sliced veneer
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Products Name:Engineered wood sliced veneer
Specification: 0.26102,440mm, 0.2457.52,135mm, 0.56102,440mm, 0.5457.52,135mm.
Product Origin:suzhou jiangsu province China
Other Message:We also have:Engineered wood sliced veneer

Zebra Type Ice tree type Maple Type Walnut Type Anig Type Date Type Demo-wood
Arrow Type Beech type Lace type Pear Type Chestnut Type Cat'seye type Rose type
Engin-eered Type Plume Type Burl Type Pine Type Ebony Type Vine Type Wenge Type
Devil-wood Type Oak Type Rubber Type Apricot Type ??? ??? ??? Teak Type
Pearl Type
Capacity Supply: Enough
Business Type: Exporting ,manufacture
Target Market: worldwide
Delivery Lead Time:
Valid Time: long time
Minimum Orders: 1 fcl


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