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Product Name: Wood Plastic Composites WPC Floors
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Size: 150x936mm; 150x1220mm; 180x1220mm;230X1220mm,305x604mm;180x1500mm; 228x1830mm

Click type: Valinge 2G, FD, 5G-C, 5G-i; I4F


Wear layer: 0.15-0.7mm

WPC flooring is exposed to a high temperature of 80 degrees Celsius plus or minus 2 degrees Celsius for 6 hours, then taken out and placed at a normal temperature of 23 degrees Celsius plus or minus 2 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity for 24 hours of observation. Draw the following conclusion:
The shrinkage rate of length is 0.08%
The shrinkage rate of the width is 0.05%
Warpage: 0.25mm
LVT: 0.08-0.15%
Warpage: 0.5-1.2mm

WPC flooring is definitely good in terms of quietness and foot feel, especially WPC flooring with cork or EVA padding;
WPC is also very good in terms of environmental protection, including formaldehyde emissions, heavy metals, and especially Reach test, all 144 items have passed.
WPC has good sound absorption effect and energy-saving performance, making indoor energy conservation reach over 30%.
WPC installation is simple, construction is convenient, and does not require complicated construction processes, saving installation time and costs

Capacity Supply: Taizhou
Business Type: Manufacturing and Exporting
Target Market: US, EU
Delivery Lead Time: 70 days
Valid Time: six months
Minimum Orders: 2000 m2


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