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Product Name: Oak Wood End Grain Slices Unfinished , dried, sanded, 10mm t
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Unit Price: EUR 20.00/Piece
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Specification: Oak End Grain Wood Slices, dried, sanded, 10mm thickness, current size 44x44cm (17.3 x 17.3 inches). Moisture content 8%?%. Unfinished. We can offer additional service - cleaning, fix cracks with inlays, fill with resin, brush, finish with oil or lacquer.

It's ready for your any creative ideas.

We have many wood slices from the oak, pine, fir, larch, azobe, and other wood pieces available. Our stock ?more than 2500 end grain slices. Keep in mind that each piece is unique and looks different.

All products are available for international shipping. Protective packings will save your product till delivered safely right to your door.

Most countries do not have customs duties. However, some countries may ask for customs/import tax. Please check your country custom info before you buy.
We can also ship in bulk. For buying in quantity please send us a message and we will calculate the shipping price. We will help with the best logistic solution for you.

If you have interested to see all our end grain slice stock photos just write me and we can arrange access to online photos stock.

If you have any other questions, please write to me.
Best regards,
We Are End Grain!
Capacity Supply: Kekava
Business Type: Manufacturing
Target Market: Worldwide
Delivery Lead Time: 5-20 days
Valid Time: LV-2123
Minimum Orders: 10 pieces


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