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Product Name: S-Twist Unclipped Sisal Yarn of Great Evennes Good Sisal Twi
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Type 1: Oiled (Natural Color) and Unclipped Sisal Yarn

This sisal yarn is unclipped & with normal oil content, it's usually used for rope twisting, packing

Specifications: 100 150 200 300 350 400 500 ( m/kg tex )

Type 2: Un-oiled (Milky White or Bleached White) & Clipped Sisal YarnThis type of sisal yarn is treated specially , with less hair, low oil content and very light smell. It's widely used for making art crafts, pet toys, bath belt knitting, decorative goods.
Specifications: 500 550 600 700 800 900 1000 ( m/kg tex )

Type 3: Clipped Sisal Yarn This product is sheared with features of little hair, suitable for making high-value-added products with good looking and special cores for steel wire rope.

Specifications: 600 700 800 900 1000 ( m/kg tex )

Directions:1. Twisting direction: left-twisted or right-twisted ( ??twisted or ??twisted )
2. Twisting density; 55-120 twist per meter
3. Winding shape: A. precise crossed paralleleor Archimedean winding cylinder. B. Precise crossed ball-shape

4. Loading capacity: about 26M/T per 40HQ container, about 12 M/T per 20GP container
Capacity Supply: nantong
Business Type: Nantong Coredom Wire & Rope Company Limited
Target Market: Worldwide
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