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Product Name: Ironbark Lancewood Jarrah Australian sales
Model No: logs
Unit Price: 100+
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We are engaged in Australia Logs and timber exports
Supply of hardwood cork logs,
Lancewood Australian Gidgee Australian Rosewood Red Ironbark red metal Jarrah Jala wood Australian blood Tan
Mahagoni mahogany Gray Ironbark Gray Iron Sheet Acacia cambagei Campbell Acacia wood
Cyprus Pine Cypress pine Hoop Pine hoop pine
Gidgeewood Acacia cambagei Acacia aneura
Blackwood, Australian ebony Acacia shirleyi Acacia Oak Oak Rose Gum red bakelite. . . . .
Tel +61426158998 John LUO
WeChat number 61426158998
Capacity Supply: 500
Business Type: Export
Target Market: Global
Delivery Lead Time: 15 days
Valid Time: permanent
Minimum Orders: 50T


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