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Product Name: Okoume face veneer
Model No: 01
Unit Price: 700
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Product :- Rotary cut face veneer

Species :- OKOUME (Aucoumea klaineana),from GABON

Thickness :- 0.15 mm to 0.30mm

Grads :- mix grade ( ABCD)

GRADING Specification:


1. A grade:-

Face very clear, uniform color and even colour woodgrain beautiful. No discolour ,
No eyes, no pin holes, no head crack. No knots ,

2. B grade:-

Face uniform, very minor discolouration.
No knots, small unbroken knots , no eyes or pin holes , no head cracks , no worm holes ,

3. "C"grade:-

Minor discolouration ,big knots (but unbroken ) , small patches ( but repairable) no pin holes , some worm holes,

4. "D" grade:-

EXCEPT material from A,B,C grade :- this grade have discolouration ,big knots (broken & unbroken ) , small patches , pin holes , worm holes , and head cracks ,

Capacity Supply: 2000 CBM
Business Type: Manufacturer and exporter
Target Market: India , Europe , America , south east asia
Delivery Lead Time: 30 days
Valid Time: 6 months
Minimum Orders: 40 CBM


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