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Product Name: Timber lumber
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We are a company from Krasnoyarsk. We produce and sell larch, birch, fir, spruce, cedar, pine - in logs and lumber. We sell to the size, moisture content and quality by the order. Volumes from 66 m3 to 2500-3000 m3 per month. We can increase the volume. So as we produce pellets of very high quality 800 tons per month and can increase the volume by 4 times. Price FCA Krasnoyarsk and FOB Black Sea port or Vladivostok.
Best regards, Viktor Volodin
Capacity Supply: 2500-3000 month
Business Type: Exporting
Target Market: Wordwide
Delivery Lead Time: 1 month
Valid Time: six month
Minimum Orders: 66 tn


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