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March 15, 2014
Planters of a sixty three (63) hectares Acacia Mangium Tress planted February 3, 1990 is announce to all prospective buyers that it is ready for market.
The proof is to be considered.
1.) Cutting permit of tree planted was signed and approved by honorable Angelo T. Reyes, Secretary Department of environment and Natural Resources dated July 4, 2007 insofar of planted trees in a private and;
2.) That a Professional Foresters of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources together with the Philippine Marine. Brigade AFP conducted inventory to the Acacia Mangium planted and the number of cubic meters (cu.m) ready for harvest from 26 inches in diameter up are 30,480.20 cubic meters in board feet (bd.ft.) , 12,262, 644.22 bd. Ft. to be cut;
3.) This was planted in a private land with Certificate of Land Ownership Award (CLOA), located at Dado, SitioBantayao, Balindong, Lanao del sur, Philippines;
4.) The distance from Port of Iligan City to the Plantation is fifty-six (56) kilometer, the distance from Marawi City to the Plantation is nineteen (19) kilometer, the distance from highway to the plantation is four (4) kilometer and all of that road are concreted and accessible;
5.) That last September 15, 2005 her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, President of the republic of the Philippines visited the seven (7) kilometer concreted farm to market road and appreciated the plantation and ordered general dolorpino of marine brigade to let his men to conduct inventory to the plantation.
6.) Many buyers who approached me to buy and deadlock due to the price that I become a middle man. I want a direct contact with the buyers with proper log supply contract to be sign between the 1st party, I myself and the 2nd party the buyer;
Market Prospect of the Acacia Mangium in different product is summarized as follow.
1.) Sawn Lumber- All of these are severe constraints.
2.) Re-Constituted Panel Board- Feature do not pose problem Acacia Mangium wood are excellence material for use.
3.) Pulp/Veneer- The above features represent severe and constraints.
4.) Pulp and Papers- Low wood density may increase cost of production otherwise Acacia Mangiumare excellent for pulping.
Commercial Prospect of Acacia Mangium
Despite the constraints recent research and market demand offer clear evidence that Acacia Mangium is very acceptable offer
1.) Lumber and Veneer, provides good genetic material and silvicultural management for straight boled trees.
2.) Woodchips for particular board and medium density fiberboard.
3.) Woodchips for pulp and pare industries.
For those interested buyers you can contact Abdulhamid M. Ayaon, cell phone number +639087258091 or +639269281817 email.
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Business Type: lumber
Target Market: wood market
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