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Product Name: Mora
Model No: Mora
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Spanish Name :Mora
Latin Name:Maclura Tinctoria
Varieties of origin :Argentina
Diameter:20+ cm
Length :250+ cm
Density: > 1 g/cm?

Mora belongs to a big tree, the trunk is straight and strong, no special smell; The bitter taste; Until the crisscross grain; Structure is slightly thick, uniform, The wood was very great; Drying shrinkage, high strength. The appropriate drying slow, to alleviate the cracking and deformation. Corrosion resistant, resistant to termites and other insect pests. Heartwood is reddish brown or dark red, with depth and white stripes, and sapwood boundaries visible, sapwood pale yellow. Wheel is not obvious or slightly obvious growth
Performance: oily wood, high density, preservative antiseptic heartwood is difficult, easy sapwood. Because wood is heavy, hard machining slightly difficult, but processing performance is good, the plane cutting Angle of 20 ? to overcome the tear. Rotary cutting easy, smooth surface after treatment, high resistance to wear, good wood flame resistance.

Main usage: Furniture & floor & architecture & artware & beads etc.
Capacity Supply: Every month
Business Type: Exporting
Target Market: Worldwide
Delivery Lead Time:
Valid Time: 30 days
Minimum Orders: 2 containers


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