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Products Name:Wooden Picture Frames Timber
Specification: Durian Timber
Quality: A Grade
Product Origin: Malays

Fraserwoods LLP  Singapore

Kingdom TradingB2B is a international trading company that is operating in many country?. In South-America( Suriname) w

TradingB2B  Netherlands

Products Name: Red and Yellow Merranti
Specification: Average diameter 60cm+, length 10m+
Quality: SQ UP

Haidar Holdings Sdn Bhd  Malaysia

Products Name: Decking, Deck Tiles, Flooring, Tropical timber, Furniture
Specification: Can produce with large quanti

Pacificwood Company  Vietnam

Dear Sir!
we are China Fuchunwood Co.,Ltd; if you can supply us any of follows woods please contact with us and give

Wenzhou FuChunWood Co.,Ltd China  China

Products Name:phoenix


Viet Delta Company  Vietnam

Products Name:Teak Farms
Specification:Farms with teak trees seeded
Product Origin:Ecuador
Other M

Petropluscorp S.A.  Ecuador

Products Name:rubber logs, or jurjan logs
Product Origin:
Other Message:

Jining Gaoxing Timber Products Co,.Ltd.  China

Products Name:Meranti
Specification:Round log Dia 60cm & up
Quality: SQ sawmill quality
Product Origin:Malaysia

VH THU  Malaysia

Products Name: Steak Board
Specification: 30mm x 300mm x 400mm
Quality: Export quality
Product Origin: Danish

Idewood.com  Philippines

Teak, Merbau (Kwila), Rosewood, Taun, Walnut.

Bandsawn and Rough Chainsawn Flitch

Export 'A' Grade

Diwai Eco Timbers - PNG  Papua New Guinea

Products Name:cumaru (Dypterix spp)
Specification: 19*130/100/900(70%),750/600 KD or AD
Quality:Grade A, B

M&B traders de Colombia  Colombia

Products Name: Durian Timber
Specification: Doorjamb, 3 Layers Scantling, Components, etc.
Quality: Grade A to C


Products Name: Acajou, Azobe, Beli, Bilinga, Bomanga, Dabema, Dibetou, Doussie, Ebiara, Eyong, Iroko, Keva (Kevazingo),

Jimacs-Hillman Ltd  Gabon

Products Name: Teak
Specification: Custom Sized, AD/KD; R/S2S/S4S
Quality: FAS (SATA)
Product Origin: Costa Ric

Proinpro S.A.  Costa Rica

Products Name:sawn wood and parquet strips
Quality:international standards
Product Origin:Guine


Products Name:Ebony, Iroko, Mahogany
Specification: Logs and machined products per specifications.
Quality:Best tr

Beltcon Enterprise  Cameroon

dear Sir/Madam
i got a log product like spruce na fur-tree(larch). if you are intrested feel free to contact me(inte

ironbiz  Australia

Products Name:teak mellow
Specification: 25% sap mix
Product Origin:
Other Message:

c.i.macodex ltda.  Colombia

Products Name:Exotique Wood Flooring, Exotique Wood Doors, Decking, Exotique Plywood, Exotique Sawn Lumber,

Inter Lumber Industries  Mexico

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