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Canadian Western Red Cedar stands as a premier choice for cladding and landscaping, including gates and fences. Our prem

Canadian Red Cedar  Canada

SpecificaOur company offers briquettes made from dry shavings and sawdust of softwood (spruce, pine) intended for use in

Aspas LTD  Bulgaria

Specification: 100% sawdust from debarked softwood. Fully certified

Woodbuy  Poland

Specification: Characteristics of Figured Redwood
Origin of Wood Type EU, California, Oregon, Washington, British Col

pomar-sc  Poland

Hi, my name is Shazaib and I represent SAK INNOVATION INDUSTRIES. We are woodworking company located in Pakistan, and we


We are a trading company from Brazil, we are solidly established since 2008 (15 years of experience). We are currently a


China Dental Supplier
MYY is a full-service dental lab in Shenzhen, China, manufacturing, and marketing zirconia crow


Specification: We are looking for ash logs from Europe as following:
1. Grade: AB, ABC
2. Length: 3m+ up, freetrim

Dai Duong Production Trading and Service Company  Vietnam

Double-twist stranding machines, high-performance twisting machines

Tubular Stranding machine  Canada

Control valves are control devices that are used to manage and control fluid flow, pressure, temperature, or

allbarvape  China

Richi Machinery is the professional fuel pelleting equipment supplier for the creation of biomass pellets in China and h

Richi Machinery  China

We sell various dimensions dried wooden planks spruce/pine.

At the moment we can offer dimensions as follows:

Maori Group  Lithuania

In retail marketing, an endcap or [url=http://www.br-oceanintl.com/end-cap/]end cap[/url] is a display for a product pla

br-oceanintl.com  Angola

Specification: lumer of pine
milled lumber

holz Koval  Ukraine

Specification: Uruguian or Australian Pine Wood Round Logs Length to be greater than 8 Feet,and Diameter to be greater t

Shreeji SS Plywood Industry Pvt Ltd  Please Select a Country or area

Specification: We are a family-owned company engaged in wood processing and production of solid wood panels, sawn timber

Pino Pellet  Turkey

Pressed boss / checker for euro pallets (dried).
It is made using glue and sawdust.
Size 75 * 7

SDM Group  Belarus

Specification: asdasdasd

sadfsdfsfsdfsdf  Austria

Specification: plywood

asdfsdfsdfsdfsdf  Azerbaijan

We export exotic wood species, both soft and hard wood types.
We have wood species such as: Tali, Teak , Padouk, Do

Gracewood Export  Cameroon

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