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Austria : Rising spruce prices in Tyrol and Carinthia

[Oct 16, 2020]

As reported by the chambers of agriculture in Tyrol and Carinthia, the prices for spruce saw logs have risen noticeably in both Austrian federal states.

In Tyrol, the price for the leading range of spruce Blochholz B / C 2a-3b rose by 6.3% to € 66.43 per cubic meter in September. This price applies to North Tyrol. In East Tyrol it is slightly higher at € 67.52 / m3.

Almost € 80
The prices are even higher in the south of Austria, in Carinthia. Compared to August, the price for the leading range rose by € 2-3 to € 70.40 per cubic meter as the lower price limit and up to € 79.60 per cubic meter as the upper price limit.

It is now hoped in Germany that the price of spruce will rise in those parts of the country not currently affected by the beetle calamity.

Source:  Tirol Abt. Forst