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German researchers Exploring Wide-Span Wooden Ceilings
[Jul 9, 2024]

50 ceilings are to be analysed - the research team expects to spend one day per measurement and one week per ceiling.
Photo: HBC

A research project at Biberach University of Applied Sciences in Germany is investigating the vibration and sound behaviour of wooden ceilings with a span of more than seven metres.

For almost 30 years, the Institute of Timber Construction at Biberach University of Applied Sciences (HBC) has been conducting intensive research into how timber as a material can be utilised even more effectively. Now the new research project SchwallBE - "Optimisation of the vibration and sound measurement of wide-span timber ceilings through measurements on completed objects" - in cooperation with the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences wants to focus on wide-span ceilings of more than seven metres. Wooden ceilings can vibrate perceptibly and audibly, which is why large cross-sections and strong superstructures are usually used to counteract this, which can lead to high costs. The aim is therefore to make the ceilings as light as possible - this saves material and therefore costs.

In many examples of applications in the past, the economic efficiency of timber ceilings was not optimally utilised, which was due in particular to the lack of data for long-span ceilings, according to the HBC. The research project aims to close this gap: 50 ceilings in existing buildings are to be analysed and the values compiled in a comprehensive database in order to provide planning offices and contractors with differentiated design approaches.

As all empirical values indicate that wide-span timber ceilings have a more favourable vibration behaviour in reality than assumed in previous calculations, objects that have already been constructed are to be examined in order to determine the actual vibration and sound behaviour. It is assumed that edge restraints and recessed corners have a more favourable effect than previously assumed. In addition to ribbed and solid wood ceilings, other types of ceilings, such as wood-concrete composite systems, are also to be investigated. Other wide-span ceilings are being sought in the region, as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

Source: holzmagazin.com