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Boat-shaped wooden houses made in Bagerhat to be exported to Belgium
[Jul 2, 2024]

In a boost to local exports, wooden houses crafted in a remote village of Bagerhat will be shipped to Belgium, creating new avenues for foreign currency earnings and generating employment opportunities in the region.

Constructed entirely from wood, including their framework, walls, doors, windows, and roofs, these boat-shaped houses are opening up new international markets. Mostafiz Ahmed, an entrepreneur behind Natural Fiber that is spearheading this initiative from Bagerhat¡¯s BSCIC industrial city, believes that with government support, this venture could expand significantly.

Earlier this year, a Belgian eco park placed an order for 120 eco-friendly wooden houses, made from sustainable materials.

Mostafiz Ahmed shared with UNB¡¯s Bagerhat correspondent that the order from the Belgian eco park is to be fulfilled within two years. The agreement stipulates that the houses must be made from local mahogany wood, with all materials being biodegradable. The wood is sourced from nearby areas, ensuring sustainability.

A visit to Natural Fiber¡¯s factory in the remote Karori village in Bagerhat revealed a bustling scene where workers were diligently constructing the wooden houses. Some workers focused on building doors and windows, others on assembling frames, and another group on crafting walls. The final step involves meticulous painting and polishing, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly houses.

The houses, initially constructed as single units measuring 11 meters in length and 4.25 meters in width, are then divided into smaller sections for easier transportation. These sections can be easily assembled at any location.

Carpenter Mojahid explained that they received training before beginning the construction. After completing the design, the houses undergo approval by both the company and foreign representatives. The workers are now operating at full capacity, with each house taking about a week to complete, weather permitting. The project employs around 200 workers.

Shariful Islam, one of the workers, expressed his amazement at the beauty of the houses, saying that they had never built such structures before. Another worker, Saiful, shared his pride and joy in knowing that their creations are being exported abroad.

Md. Moniruzzaman Molla Shahin, a consultant for Bagerhat Natural Fiber, highlighted that exporting through Mongla Port would save time and money, as they currently have to ship products from Chattogram Port. He urged the government to allow the use of Mongla Port for their exports.

Yunus A. Rafi, an official of the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) in Bagerhat, told UNB that exporting such products would enhance the country's reputation. He assured that all necessary support would be provided to entrepreneurs interested in exporting domestic products to foreign markets.

Previously, Natural Fiber gained popularity in the European market with various wooden products, including bicycles, sunbeds, hotel beds, and eco-friendly pet toys. Currently, the focus is solely on constructing wooden houses.

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The demand for eco-friendly housing solutions is growing globally, and Bagerhat¡¯s wooden houses are positioned to meet this need. The Belgian order highlights the potential for further international expansion. These houses not only provide a new source of income for the region but also demonstrate Bangladesh's ability to produce high-quality, sustainable products.

Source:  unb.com.bd