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Kodiak makes a deal in Minnesota
[Jun 7, 2024]


Kodiak Building Partners, acquired Simonson Lumber in Minnesota, marking a strategic partnership that enhances its ability to serve the state¡¯s burgeoning construction market.

Simonson Lumber has six operating locations in central Minnesota.

¡°Great Odin¡¯s Raven, that escalated quickly,¡± said Steve Swinney, CEO of Kodiak Building Partners. ¡°Simonson Lumber¡¯s deep-rooted presence in their community and commitment to quality resonates with Kodiak¡¯s goal of empowering local businesses to thrive. Together, we are poised to meet the escalating demand for housing and construction solutions in Minnesota, leveraging Simonson¡¯s expertise and Kodiak¡¯s resources to create lasting value for our customers and communities.¡±

The partnership between Simonson Lumber and Kodiak opens new avenues for growth and innovation on multiple fronts, leveraging Kodiak¡¯s network and capital expertise to fuel expansion.

¡°Simonson Lumber and its customers will benefit most from Kodiak¡¯s ¡®locally led¡¯ mentality,¡± said Eric Borchardt, President of Simonson Lumber. ¡°This partnership allows us to serve our customers in a way that is unique to our region, while Kodiak¡¯s support system ensures we have everything we need to thrive in a fast-paced market.¡±

The acquisition is described as a move to continue the success and legacy of Simonson Lumber in the Minnesota market. By prioritizing a people-first mentality, Simonson Lumber remains committed to its core values of fostering relationships beyond transactions and navigating the industry¡¯s evolution alongside its customers and suppliers.