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 Current wood prices in January in Lower Saxony, Germany
[Jan 26, 2024]

The monthly wood price overview for Lower Saxony keeps you up to date on wood assortments and firewood.

Whether oak, beech, pine or spruce - all types of wood are in demand and prices are at a high level. Firewood is also in high demand because many consumers are increasingly using wood-burning stoves again or have switched to wood-fuelled heating systems.

Prices for softwood logs on the rise

According to the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture, demand for cuttings and long timber of the coniferous species spruce and pine is increasing. Both are also in demand for export. However, the price trend is uncertain. Larch and Douglas fir in thinning qualities can be sold well.

Restrained hardwood market

The hardwood market is characterised by restrained demand and slightly declining prices on the domestic market. The export markets are receptive, but the price trend is also uncertain.
Demand for industrial wood and energy wood is stable at regionally varying price levels.

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Source: forstpraxis.de