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 German wood pellets particularly cheap at the end of the year
[Dec 19, 2023]

Berlin - As temperatures rose in mid-December, the price of wood pellets fell again.

According to the German Pellet Institute (DEPI), a tonne (t) of the fuel currently costs an average of 329.25 euros. Compared to the previous month, this is a decrease of around 6.2 per cent. Pellet heaters currently pay 6.59 cents per kilowatt hour of heat from pellets. The price advantage of around 38 per cent compared to heating oil and around 34.8 per cent compared to natural gas remains at a stable high level. Wood pellets will not be affected by the upcoming increase in CO2 prices for fossil fuels in the future either.

The festive season is just around the corner and the year is drawing to a close. "A time when timing is of the essence for any orders - be it the last presents or wood pellets! As unstable winter weather can set in quickly and cases of illness in the trade can lead to longer delivery times at short notice, clever pellet theisers should order in good time before the festive season so that the fuel supply is also secured between the years," recommends DEPI Managing Director Martin Bentele.

The average annual price for wood pellets in Germany was €389.78. This shows that, as with all energy sources, the price high in summer 2022 due to the war in Ukraine was an exception.

Regional prices
German pellet price in December 2023 with purchase of 3 tonnes
in southern Germany: 337.24 euros per tonne
in central Germany: 348.23 euros per tonne
in northern and eastern Germany: 351.20 euros per tonne

German pellet price in December 2023 for a purchase of 6 tonnes
in southern Germany: 323.76 euros per tonne
in central Germany: 330.09 euros per tonne
in northern and eastern Germany: 335.53 euros per tonne

Larger quantities (26 tonnes) will be traded at the following conditions in December 2023 South: 309.70 euros/t, Centre: 314.11 euros/t, North/East: 324.33 euros/t (all prices incl. VAT).

DEPI pellet price
The DEPI pellet price has been published monthly since 2011, until December 2020 by the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV). It reflects the average price in Germany for one tonne of pellets of quality class ENplus A1 for the respective purchase quantity (delivery within a radius of 50 km, including all ancillary costs and VAT) - throughout Germany and in three regions. DEPV offers a separate DEPV pellet price for net supply contracts.

Source: DEPI