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 DOD by Brown Wood introduces new base shapes
[Dec 15,  2023]

Designs of Distinction (DOD) by Brown Wood Inc. has recently decided to introduce new base shapes. These newly introduced shapes can be used with tambour panels at February¡¯s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas.

The angled, rectangular and cylinder base shapes were inspired by key findings from the National Kitchen & Bath Association¡¯s 2024 Kitchen Trends Report. These will include multi-fuctional islands designed for seating and gathering, incorporation of natural and organic materials, and geometric shapes reminiscent of Art Deco design styles, according to a statement from DOD.

Angled and rectangle base shapes are constructed with solid wood ends and solid maple plywood side panels. Solid maple plywood panels allow for greater structural build, as opposed to MDF. DOD includes a template to cut tambour, which is then applied to the solid plywood side panels and finished with paint or stain of your choice.

¡°The cylinder base shape is manufactured from multiple layers of heavyweight paperboard, with a similar density to MDF. Tambour is applied to the exterior of the cylinder, then painted or stained in a finish of your choice. The cylinder shape includes end plugs with a hole to allow for additional support and electrical wiring.¡±