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 Brazilian wood-based exports saw a yearly decline in October
[Dec 12,  2023]

In October 2023, the value of Brazilian exports for wood-based products (excluding pulp and paper) saw a significant 31.0% decline compared to October 2022, dropping from $317.1 million to $219.7 million.

The volume of tropical-sawn wood exports saw a 43.0% decrease, moving from 36,200 m³ in October 2022 to 20,600 m³ in October 2023.

Additionally, the corresponding value of these exports plummeted by 50.0%, declining from $18.2 million to $9.1 million over the same period.

Wooden furniture exports from Brazil also faced a decline, with the value dropping from $52.9 million in October 2022 to $46.3 million in October 2023a nearly 13.0% reduction.