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UPM invests €10m in Korkeakoski sawmill
[Dec. 06, 2023]

UPM is to invest nearly €10m in the modernisation of the Korkeakoski sawmill, Finland.

A new split saw supplied by USNR will start operating at the sawmill in 2025. UPM called it a very significant investment in the efficiency and competitiveness of the Korkeakoski sawmill.

¡°The sawmill industry has a long history of over 60 years in Korkeakoski,¡± said Korkeakoski sawmill director Janne Klaavuniemi.

¡°Great work has been done here for a long time, and this investment is an excellent continuation of that. The Korkeakoski sawmill has been a model example of excellent production efficiency, and this investment will further strengthen our position.¡±

The new split saw in the second stage of sawing will be renewed, along with automation and other equipment. The investment enables more efficient use of raw materials, as the same amount of logs convert to more end product. Modern equipment also increases energy efficiency.

¡°We aim to develop our sawmills more efficient and responsible in the long term,¡± said Thomas Westerback, UPM Timber¡¯s Director, Sustainability and Investments.

¡°This investment is a great milestone and very much in line with our goals, as we aim to be a forerunner in sustainability in the industry.¡±