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 International Istanbul Furniture Fair to Have 1,000+ Exhibitors
[Nov. 28, 2023]

Preparations for the International Istanbul Furniture Fair (IIFF2024), which is considered the largest gathering of industry across Europe, are continuing at full speed. More than a thousand companies with more than three thousand brands will be participating in the fair. The fair plays a key role as it supports the global promotion and marketing efforts of the Turkish furniture industry with an annual production volume of nearly $12 billion and exports of $5 billion. During the fair, the Turkish furniture manufacturers will showcase their latest products and designs, and a large of number of companies from Malaysia, India, Germany, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Russia, and USA will participate in it at a national and individual level.

A total of 200.000 industry professionals, including 30 foreign professionals, are expected to visit the fair, held between 23 and 28 January 2024 by T¨¹yap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. in cooperation with MOS Fairs S.A. with the support of the Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED).

160,000 Visitors Registered
MOSFED President Ahmet G¨¹leç describes the International Istanbul Furniture Fair as the key meeting of Turkish furniture manufacturers and adds: ¡°This event, which we have been organizing for many years now, holds a special place for the industry. Every year, we present innovations in our industry to visitors from all over the world, and we also prepare the ground for new collaborations with our manufacturers. During a productive fair week, our manufacturers make deals that extend throughout the year, which directly contributes to our export figures. T¨¹rkiye is raising the bar to the next level by further improving its design capabilities and product quality. Therefore, we expect our 2024 event to be very successful and a productive one.¡±
Noting that the International Istanbul Furniture Fair is the product of meticulous preparations work done throughout the year, Ahmet G¨¹leç says that they have now completed registrations of 160,000 visitors. Ahmet G¨¹leç also adds: ¡°We have two months of time before the fair and 160,000 local and foreign buyers have already registered at the fair. I hope that we will exceed our target, which is 200,000 visitors¡±. Ahmet G¨¹leç states that they expect many businesspeople from Europe and America to visit the fair, including Board Members of the European Furniture Industries Confederation (EFIC).

New Target in Exports is $12 Billion
Underlining that they want to be the leading furniture manufacturer and exporter in the world, Ahmet G¨¹leç states: ¡°Today, the furniture pieces that we manufacture are used in 200 countries. Our goal is to become one of the top 5 manufacturers in the world by ensuring that the design and product quality of Turkish furniture are embraced across all our markets. In collaboration with our ministry, we are working intensively towards our vision for 2028. He says, ¡°The know-how, equipment and motivation of our industry is strong enough to reach $12 billion in exports, which is our target for 2028¡±.

The International Istanbul Furniture Fair will be held across 26 halls of the Istanbul Expo Center and the T¨¹yap Fair and Congress Center. Modern-Modular, Bed-Bed Bases, Garden Furniture, Office- School Furniture and Accessory products will be exhibited at the Istanbul Expo Center. Modern- Modular Furniture, Luxury Furniture, Children¡¯s, and Teen Room products will be exhibited at the T¨¹yap Fair and Congress Center.

Source: istanbulfurniturefair.com